Friday, July 5, 2024

Getting back to Work. Progress Update

Nicco's update to me of the maps. I'm still busy with my Pfsense Certification, so I can't really write or do a lot except proof and do QA on the maps. 

Of course we will have the 200DT Merchant Trader of CE Free (pay-what-you-want) Power Point file of each room and element being a PNG file that will allow you to edit and re-order the ship. 

MNEME of Cepheus Engine will make EDITABLE maps so that you can tweak your deck plans without Photoshop. Of course the RAM required for such feats is quite a lot, but I think everyone is at 8GB these days. 

I'm pessimistic especially how bleak the news is.  

As for my other open source projects, I just wish it becomes a viable way to make a living coming from the industry I come from. 

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