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Hard Scifi Skill and Calculations and Acceptance of what the Future holds

Hard Sci-Fi (HSF) is a hobby that delves into the real science behind science fiction. At its core, HSF emphasizes a solid understanding of fundamental scientific principles. In HSF, we start with the immutable laws of nature, such as gravity and the conservation of matter and energy. From this foundation, we explore elements that are more likely to evolve over time.

This approach allows us to narrow down and predict the trajectory of technological advancements. A key aspect of HSF is studying the history of scientific development and understanding current technological trends. By doing so, we create mental models to simulate and plan various scenarios, assuming the development of specific technologies and their potential consequences.

Today, I did a number of calculations, particularly the Carbon capture capacity of technology. 
I learned that

  • the Philippines has 12k MW coal capacity and consumes about 30M tons of coal. 
  • That if 1 cubic meter of water/salt water can grow algae then 1 square km only converts a measley 10,000 tons of carbon. 
  • That 20B tons of carbon needs to be captured and preserved out of the 40B tons we produced. 
  • That earth has only 500M sqkm and to capture 40B of carbon per year you would need 400M sqkm of algae farms (assuming only 1 sqm per 1cubic meter). 

These calculations are part of my research as I try to set up a Bio-reactor our manufacturing plant but its part of my World building because I need to understand what the future looks like. 

That if the Philippines converted all its coal to Nuclear in 20 years through Small Modular Reactors (SMRs) of up to 12,000MW  that would be hundreds of SMRs. That if moved more of our concrete and manufacturing to renewable STARCHES from algae, our proiten to come from Aquafarming - using the algae to feed fish, crabs, shrimp, sea urchins (I love uni, I only get to eat it like 1x per year - cause I have a lot of costs to take care off) etc...

Here is my Algae Bio-Reactor proposal for the Plant  these are the things keeping me busy from writing more Scifi, but it deals with Scifi.  

Acceptance and Trust 

I realize that the ability to believe that people will be educated, have compassion, or care about science and key features in society is not feasible. that we are a society with roles, and we have to trust people who have our best interests in mind. The future is not a WELL-INFORMED PUBLIC - no - the future is TRUST and a society built on transparency and honesty. The future is people being largely ignorant in matters of Politics, State, Science, Technology, Compassion,  and environment - TRUSTING honest and accountable people to help us make decisions and suffering the consequences when these people fail us. 

What happens when you realize the future is built on Trust - I stopped getting angry and frustrated in ignorance, misinformation, malice - and exploitation as much. I understand I have to trust someone to watch my back about some matters, as people trust me to watch their back on other matters. That I have to be accountable and transparent even more. And the people who trust me should come and check on me - and I should come and check on the people I have trusted on matter I cannot hope to comprehend or track. 

All this science and technology and calculation - requires a society that has a strong trust. Trust that kids can walk by themselves in the streets of japan and someone will be there to prevent their harm, that people will be fed, sheltered and cared for, and that people will have a voice. It requires a fundamental building block of trust - and then higher and higher levels of complexity can be achieved and this complexity will leverage greater and greater feats of technology. 

That in SCIFI there will be communities with very high Trust - and vigilance and pro-activeness against people who seek to destroy this trust so they can exploit a population and its resources. 

I get to sound crazy in my blog - how game theory, games, scifi writing, and calculations are processed and knowing - I'm crazy to think this and alone and probably thousands have though these thoughts and have long odds of success. I'm not smart enough to be smart in everything, Be the red genie (Aladdin and the Magic Lamp 1982) the shitty option most people are stuck with. People want the HYPE and the illusion when a perfectly good person is available for them to trust. They want to listen to the deciever instead of someone who can really help them. 

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