Monday, November 17, 2008

Topics I am currently working on

Thanks to the internet and being able to find incredible historical references, I plan to go into in-depth discussion concerning several topics that prove very useful in simulationist style play.

  1. Overland Travel. this topic may be a bit broad, but it discusses the logistics, the limitations and the realities faced by marching or riding adventurers. It dispells MANY myths about travel and brings to light many unique challenges faced by Adventurers going from A to B. In your game. present a variety of challenges in both logistics, resources, environments, and hazards. Players make strategic decisions and balance energy and budget, while trying to accomplish even the most simplest of plot goals.
  2. Horses. Another item of study that has been greatly misunderstood and shadowed by many misconceptions. Possibly one of the most important animal in human evolution which fantasy has severely overlooks. In your game, this is part of overland travel as well as in mounted combat. Players must skillfully balance the logistics and the trade offs of horses.
  3. Medieval Economics in Your Game. Economic motivation can be a simple as basic needs or as complicated as political intrigue. In your game, in its smallest scale it compliment a character's background with realistic detail, or as the simplest game plots: a balancing act with resources, environment and political ties or at its most complex the backdrop of intrigue.
  4. Bandons! This is basically a fairly small mass combat rule-set meant for very large parties or skirmishes with more than 50 individual units. In your game, this brings a macro level of detail allowing GMs and Players to run fairly fast resolving mass combats with the use of many small figures or figure proxies.

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