Wednesday, September 28, 2022

got my medical certificate - weak from sickness

Got my medical certificate on Monday.
Still feel weak. Usually after work I catch some Mwo and then I'm ready to write or edit stuff for Mneme. Well I'm not yet able. When I calculated my 2 weeks I didn't think I had to rebuild my endurance.

Anyway I'm the bottle neck. I have to fix the spreadsheet so nicco can make the many due world's. Then after that I'll fix the blender files.

How am I going to recover? I guess rest and a bit of exercise. 

Saturday, September 24, 2022

Some Updates - experimenting with Video unfortunately I'm rambly

  • need to review the manual
  • the files look good. 
  • target October. 
  • getting close to affording the tablet for Nicco (300usd for the XP pen 15 tablet). 

This is an experiment realizing that I can talk about technical and scientific matters after realizing some gamer YouTubers would rant about matters they don't know anything about and create huge followings out of it. I realized that having a place where people can un-constructively criticize people without nuance can create a large audience , I want to experiment if people who want to talk about science and technical challenges can be a better alternative. 

What value do I offer that would better be the Catharsis of dogpiling on someone who cannot defend their point? Can talking about science fiction Traveller geekery be better than that? Lets experiment of course I don't have the SOC or INT for that. but I can make rolls and get lucky. 


Thursday, September 22, 2022

Ice world and Rocky world.

Probably finish by October as predicted (my covid countdown started Tuesday)


  1. Manual Ongoing 
  2. some of the textures do not get Shadows 
  3. Implement it in Asset Manager (so you can drag and drop the Planet Templates) 
2k at 2mbps 6 sec to render in RX550 Ryzen5 2600
4k open the image to view the file. 7mbs.  22 sec to render in RX550 Ryzen5 2600

The theory behind selling Blender products in our product is - if your into Traveller then you probably can figure out how to do this AND if not, your not too shy to ask. You want rendered scenes for your game. 

Saturday, September 17, 2022

Got Covid - in Quarantine expected a 2 week delay

 We have covid in the family and I have a history of going down the worse when ever we get sick. So in the next 10-15 days I'll probably be unable to meet my targets. 

Targets will be shifted

  1. New Blender Proceedural Planet Generator was supposed to be  before Sep 23. Expect it to be by October first week. Lets call it BPPGv3 for short
  2. Spreadsheet Edits - targeting 6 additional Columns October 15
  3. New Version of Mneme World Builder with the Edits and Art from the New BPPGv3 October 30. 
  4. Copper Milestone November first week. 3 Procedurally Generated Systems using the Spreadsheet that is detailed - complete with Planets and Art from  BPPGv3 and icons for detailing your worlds. 
  5. 2013 Scifi Notes updated this is an Open source Hard Scifi Setting that details the technological and Economic and Demographic Development of Sol from 2050-2500 (with a target of going up to 2700). What's special here is the detailed Tech Level notes and Doctrine (I'm particular about what are the best practices based on technology and how they change due to disruptive tech - Imagine how Drone warfare and better capacitors and batteries will change missile defense and the entire strategic landscape of warfare in 2022 onward, or Orbital Manufacturing etc... - inspired from my work in a developing world company in the Philippines).   

Wondering if I can have a public calendar on game in the brain. 

If you had a headache because you couldn't predict the impact of some technology which your Players exploited - that should have been common practice - then you are interested in Doctrine. Doctrine is like Physics - why certain practices dominate. Eliyahu Goldratt, a physicist who developed the Theory of Constraints framework used in Lean Manufacturing talks about this a lot: he set up a framework how to understand the role of technology - which is used to figure out how to better use tech. His lecture about ERPs and TOC is a framework in approach how Tech assumptions and rule changes will impact practice. 

This also helps understand Changes in technological landscape. 

Friday, September 16, 2022

First Time to do Customer Support - Taught a buyer how to use Blender


So i dont mind helping people learn Blender or GIMP (or ERPNext, GCP, and various other things). If people know how to use open source tools they will use it, the learning part is the biggest accessibility challenge. My main problem is really the schedule - If I can schedule it on time. Sadly I won't be able to support many people because of time zones. If we grow big enough maybe ūüėÖ

So we recorded the sessions so no need to take notes. Although here is the manual and its also included in the book.

I realize we need to clarify the following:

  1. How to make thicker and thinner clouds.
  2. Bigger or Smaller Continents 
  3. and with the new Tutorial how to make new Rings. 
  4. performance expectations - how long it will take to render. Example at 2x1 k pixels it took 20 seconds on my RX550, doubling the dimensions increases the time by x4 to 80 seconds. 
    1. He wanted to know how much time it will take to prepare for a game. Which is something we considered in the planning. 
    2. If it was Just making it different from the last planet then it will be easy. But trying to follow Flavor text for how the planet should look is going to be hard. 
    3. We will need to give tips how to use the files, like using GIMP or Slides (Nicco uses Slides because its so easy to just add icons and just download as JPG or PDF or PNG. 

Sunday, September 11, 2022

Planet Generator Blender File UPGRADE - new more realistic landmass

Daniel Grove is where Nicco and I get a lot of Ideas for Traveller-Cepheus Engine, particularly using blender to create the material.  We are using his new tutorial to create a more detailed world. 

For comparison, this is how our original world generator generates procedural worlds. 
Nicco just gave me the new version for trouble shooting and I had to relearn to create UVMap baked textures. I forgot you have to make an Image texture node. Create a NEW image - name it. Go to Shading and set it up. and Configure Baking settings properly (Diffuse). We will go into more detail once the new version is done and we will create a new video.  

This is the file exported. as you can see it has too little contrast. not good for old eyes. 

GIMP > Colors > Levels to increase the contrast. 
It was too dark I had to go to GIMP and BRIGHTEN it up by going to levels. 


Friday, September 9, 2022

Exploiting Traps and Problems.

My favorite thing about Science and Biz is that the FORCES balance out. I'm listening to Space Oddesy 2001 and remember the line "Nature always balances the books" when explaining the Slingshot to Saturn. 

In a Conan Game, we learned there were other Treasure Hunters other than us, so we did what every 80-90s Cartoon Villain would do - let the Good guys do all the work and jump them when they find the treasure. It partially worked - we got the competition to set off all the Traps. We were so "Fresh" that we fought off the bonus encounter. "the Deceiver" guy was killed and we enjoyed the game. I for one loved seeing the context clearly and exploiting it. 

My regret with Mutant Chronicles was not EXPLOITING the 10-man gang. exploiting the Trap. I should have placed a letter telling them that the Bldg manager was going to exploit them for more cash and to meet him in the 4th Floor. That would have been SWEET. 

These opportunities are there and can be found in many adventures when you study them as written. Exploiting these problems is just understanding the Potential and Motivations - and HAVING THE INFORMATION to exploit these. 

Sorry, this is what I do at work, learn people's motives and make many EQ and Admin Rolls to let the Inertia of huge forces be redirected to create VIRTUOUS Cycles. I love practicing it in games, and working with more and more NUANCED situations. 

You don't get the next generation Geniuses from being BORN, you train a bunch of students to think - get them to have game-in-the-brain - they think like a gamer and SOLVE problems. You teach them to ENJOY and find the thrill of it. Teaching them sustainable means so they can keep rolling with no crit-fail.