Thursday, May 19, 2022

OJTs and Software Project: my Distractions, Market or Product happens first?

 Its funny talking to 20-year-olds, about my World Generator because I believe by the time I'm 60 and they're 40 they're going to see the edge of what will be the Microgravity manufacturing as space race for orbital dominance will have long term orbital stay of 5 people per year to probably 20 or more. I reflect on my grandfather's short life at late 70s and early 80s and how I may not be around to see so many of what I'm waiting see in a hard scifi prediction. 

Its funny also because I encounter how rare and unlikely the audience for this may be, but the thing is with such works - do the audience appear first or do the products appear first? This is a deep marketing and product development philosophical question - and I believe ATTEMPTS - every attempt creates the Audience. The books that inspired me Created me and the other people realizing: "We want this, but more like this." So hopefully, our book and tools will trigger that "We want this, but more of this...". 

note that I've made it more conservative than the most common scifi, more conservative than most systems. Focusing on just Cislunar Space for a century and another century for the cislunar infrastructure to have an Industrial Complex to build Kilotons a year of vessels/ships. 

I wonder how crazy will my prediction look to 20-year-olds when this open-sourced project probably gets forgotten and they learn some Aerospace Industry terms and metrics only to hear about it 20 years from now. Sir Justin was way off, too conservative or worse too OPTIMISTIC! 

I get distracted explaining metallic hydrogen, gas giants, terrestrial worlds and lesser earths. Emphasizing that this Project is to allow those people who want a bit more hard SciFi in their Storytelling to have the tools and referenced (it links to the Wikipedia, which links to the papers and articles) information for those of us amateurs who are not satisfied with the Scifi and want to have a glimpse of the daunting science - even if we are hobbyists. 

It happens because I have to explain the types of stars and why they are not stable enough. Talking about accretion disks and possible reasons a space station would be set up in OBA stars. From Star generation, The ZONES and positions, to the worlds and how its a Looping script that generates Compion stars and additional Bodies until statistically improbable. 


Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Software Progress many problems - but art and the book is for Completion

I figured out how to do the software if it has to be on my own. My real problem is the dice which I forgot how to code. As well as I dont know how to make the loop that creates Keep High or Low Dice. 

So I hired some OJTs to set it up and there is a 10-20% chance of success, even with a senior developer guiding them. So I'm going to use the extra capacity of our senior developer (paid of course) to help with the project. Of course I plan to open source everything. This would probably cost me a huge sum. 

So Far What will people get:

  1. First off A set of rules to build A Solar System procedurally and its inhabitants Culture and Political and economic condition. DONE, art and layout is finalized.
    1. Power Structure and Source Based 
  2. d66x6 Culture Feature Table - we identified 36 cultural features and 6 variables these cultural features can manifest differently. The goal is that the GM can use this to describe the inhabitants.  
  3. Blender File to Proceeduraly Generate Planets as a 3D object they can use and Icosahedron 2D Map. Plus a youtube video how to use this.  
  4. 2D Solar System map Inscape/Adobe Illustrator FILE with Delta V budgets of our Solar System. 
  5. Hex Map of our Solar System which has a Variable Hex measure depending on the Position of the Hex Ring (so some hex rings is the Circumference of the Position divided by number of Hexes in that Ring)
  6. Last the Google Sheet that allows the Generation of the Solar System in a few Clicks. Plus all the notes and Flow Charts we used to create it. Plus our notes and commenting so that people can alter the sheet to suit their own world building requirement. (To follow). 
Target price is probably 10usd. To break even I think ill need gold 😅. 

Who would want this Book and all its Products? 
  1. Someone who is new to Scifi and Wanted something easier that the most dense World Building Books, someone who can handle 2 orders of complexity than the Current Cepheus Engine World Building System. 
  2. Someone who will prepare the Worlds for their Players to Visit - not just grab a world from google image search but would probably render and tweak the world so its truly theirs. 
  3. Someone who will use the Delta V maps - print it out on a TARP or on a VTT on a LARGE display and Insert their Artificial Habitats, Stations, Defenses Infra on the map since the Illustrator/Inkscape file is included. 
The products and materials are so Open, Nicco is going to produce his own version of the Maps with his world building in it. He can generate all the planets and details because all the templates are there for anyone to use. Hope anyone who finds the tools useful could show us any challenges of the material. 

Well make a discord for Customer Support - if anyone needs us to help with any changes and problems with the books and materials. 

Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Companion AI in Scifi

I can imagine settings where digital companies for mental health would be a right. An external memory of who we are - to better process the context of ourselves. 

as well as Various Habitats and colonies in the Sol System as well as outside of the sol system with Digital Companions. 

to imagine if the Adventures of the PCs are in the context of a Digitial Companion Observer. the shades of gray and the trails are framed by the Digitial Companion as though the Player is the Digital Companion to the PCs. 

Imagining a PC who had so much memory loss the Digital Companion rebuilt the PC from what it stored. Overlaying broken memories over assumptions of the Digital Companion. 

Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Mechwarrior Anachronisms and considerations


Notes after a lot of MWO with my team. 

  1. Mechs wouldn't have exposed cockpits, it would be like a modern-day tank or even better built into the helmets of the pilots and monitors in the enclosed cockpit. 
  2. Armor is not all ablative. if Armor Reduced Damage mechanic some weapons that are not up to the scale of vehicles and tanks would deal no damage. 
    1. In MWO a 16 mico pulse laser mech would have a High damage output vs an ER larger laser. It can kill another Assault mech. should it?
    2. If the mechanics change that bigger weapons is harder to protect against Zerg vs Protos or Swarm vs High-Quality units (far above the median) would be tricker and a more fun balance. Right now with the knowledge of drones - a ton of swarming Locusts or Fleas or Pirannah mechs would be more effective. Cost per Ton goes up as the mech goes up. its not a linear relationship. 
    3. Right now in MWO I leveled up my Artic Cheata in a few games to 91 sp vs my heavier mechs. slower mechs just die against a light mech. In the real world, a lighter unit can penetrate heavier armor with a limited opportunity (Rockets). After which the opportunity is lost. 
  3. When one imagines the Quadrillion usd industry of warfare and the amount of material. Imagine that 20ton "Light Mech" Required huge Open Pit mines on Earth or harvesting a ton of Silicate and Metalic asteroid ore. instead of the hundreds of thousands of dollars per unit of a soldier, its like taking more expensive tanks 

Reimagining Mech Combat in a Hard Scifi. 

Mechs are Quickly prototyped, a NON-mech culture will quickly improvise mechs if the terrain and logistics use need it. Mechs are practical in worlds with 0.8 atmosphere and areas with a thicker atmosphere that can provide concealment. 

The combat zone or context terrain is filled with ECM chaff and noise to make obrital superiority as negated as possible. Large Orbital Mass Drivers or Weapons Of Mass Destruction that can make the Low Planetary Orbit inhospitable is this big red button both sides are stopping themselves from pressing.  

Imagine a sector where a large number of worlds are currently contested. Especially when the worlds are heavily fragmented and those with Orbital Access profit from the conflicts. 

For every Ton of Mech there is about 2-3 Tons of Mobile Logistics and Support. a giga ton of mechs is about 2-3 gigaton of support. Several hundred Exaton of material was processed to build all that infra and hardware. 
  1. Supply Lines are made up of Boring Machines, mobile factories and Mining tools. Mobile HQs move around a network of Terraforming Worm Tunnels. 
    1. Non Conflict Zones - an opulent Monopoly of the Trading guilds are where all sides get to meet. A strict tit-for-tat and de-escalation policy - like prisoners exchange or surrendering are part of the terms to keep peace.  
  2. 10-30 Tons - "Light Mechs". These are mechs like armored vehicles like the Oshkosh JLTV or Humvee. But they are designed to range about 500-800km on rough terrain. They carry only 2 pilots: driver and EW/gunner. The primary weapon is a 25mm with some special rounds like HEAT rounds mounted on a robotic Point Defense Turret. Up to 20% of its mass is ammunition. They can carry Missiles - missiles here can one-shot heavier mechs.
    1. Some have anti-radar veil and materials and disruptive camo.  
  3. 30-60 Tons "Medium Mechs" . There are a huge variety of specialized Medium mechs: from Missile/Drone Platforms (Drone platforms are EW platforms), Point Defense Platforms, to Laser Platforms OR a more high endurance Light Mech designed to range 2000km on a powerful reactor.  
    1. These mechs tend to up a crew of 3-4. 
    2. Missile Platforms are designed to remove Orbital probes and targets. 
    3. Point Defense platforms are meant to defend these 
  4. 70-100 tons are "Heavy Mechs". 50% of these mechs range from larger platforms of the Specialized Medium mechs to 50% are Supply mechs to Add double or triple the Light or Medium Mech operational range.  
  5. 100+ Ton mechs are mostly mobile bases and hangars.   
What is interesting is that while the Mech Warrior may run a mech, support an logistics run small armies of drones and automated supply chain tools. Cepheus Engine TL 9 or Mneme TL 11ish would have these end to end supply chains making mech  warfare possible. 

Mech Warfare is only an outcome in Adverse Terrain Ground Combat where mechs would be engaging 5-10km away depending in the curvature of the world and the terrain. In most cases Orbital Superiority is key - but the Complex Worlds mean complex relationships and in this complexity something strange arises - like a world where mech pilots are a profession and there are daily raids into enemy territory as part of a long term strategy to either gain ground or divert attention for a particular strike. 

in this world 
Light mechs trying to sneak in to divert attention and resources for Medium mechs to make calculated strikes.  When heavy mechs appear its for pushes and calculated gambles that can be a set back to one side in years. Bases move, and where people think there are bases are Traps - of either a ready heavy lance or kill drones to displace the main base's position. 

Special Tech
  1. Large Hypersonic Ground Missiles. mechs equipped with missiles that create a huge firing blast radius and can damage vehicles in its wake. Sometimes fired on railgun. Once fired the missile the effects can be felt before the sound and aftermath can be heard. 
  2. Kill Drones (unpiloted mechs). Someone said "why not overwhelm the other side with Drones" which requires a lot of wireless connections - that can be hacked - Human Independent Operations and Augmented with Context Analysis (like hidden orders and event-triggered information) allows human-led teams to go deep into the territory and perform devastating actions.  Kill Drones are kept as patrols where EW superiority is guaranteed in a given location. 
  3. EW Chaff or Natural Interference Active Radar or Sensors will find several gigatons of Chaff littering the battlefield make mechs invisible at a certain range. Also ACTIVE radar is a candle in the night. 
  4. Wheeled Mechs. Light Mechs with a Single ATV wheel in the center is a common ATV mech. The legs fold up for the large but ultra light gyroscopic balanced wheel. It reduces the wear and tear of the leg joints. Some mechs fold into a cycle. 
  5. Armored Personnel Carrier. Exoskeletons have about a 20-100km range depending on the TL level. Some mechs really serve as APCs carrying 100-150kg personnel and their kits to combat zones along with their Mules (mule sized mechs that carry supplies). Special forces with Invisibility cloaks and micronukes are still valuable tactical options. 

Hopefully Found a Developer

I'm busy with my ERPNext projects so I cannot learn Javascript (particularly Reactjs) to make the apps. Its also kinda my advocacy to get more filipinos have access to Open Source technology. The Bill of Materials System would be a FUN project to make an APp or a Spreadsheet for. ideally a Customized APP so other Game Designers can make their Vehicles, Mechs, Buildings, etc... using the Bill of materials system. 

Bill of materials is basically a Table where every row is a component and there are Columns for Cost, Weight, Volume, Power Requirement/Output, and Special Features. Creating a Google Sheet where game designers can put tables of their Components and their Rules for Building a Ship, Mech, Base, Station, etc... would be awesome for world builders like me.
Bill of Materials is how most of construction and engineering view such projects - teach BOM gamification will help people have fund and be creative with it. 

Monday, March 21, 2022

Progress Update: Delays - bills to pay and Side Projects (more of a work post)

 So my team is delayed this week and probably until the end of the week to next week. This is because i want them to focus more on the future job in doing their 3d part time work. The part time work pays more than what I can afford and is more sustainable in the long term, so I advanced some pay so that they can focus on that one until that job would pay. 

The goal is that the team have a more sustainable side job so in the long term my projects are not going to be a significant source of income. This is where Blender and FreeCad helped people make a living. 

Well my Target was May 1, but real life gets in the way and thats the problem with part time and the natural uncertainty of things. Also I am also a family man so I only got a 1 page draft done this weekend. 

The goal can be so close and so far away depending on the day or the troubles. Right now I wish I could be there helping troubleshoot the rendering issues. I'm more disposed to fix it because my friend left his GT 1070 Asus Desktop with me until he comes back from the US in December (2022). So I can probably prototype those renders faster. I also have the OJTs that I can teach 3D too because they are IT OJTs but they want to do game design and I realized I can teach them 3D as a side gig. 

But I have to focus on a ERPNext migration this week - our vendor is going to give us an image to upload in digital ocean and hopefully migrate baremetal server to digital ocean SG, so we can format those servers to be hypervisors and be remotely controlled with Remmina + OpenVPN. Juggling many dreams - including making the developing world company outside of India very much open source to reduce our 200k usd total cost of ownership yearly (depreciating and equipment for repairs, ISPS, licenses, and the biggest of all GSuite Basic legacy license). 

I assigned OJTs to help john with the javascript problem which is an undefined A2:H which shows up as a "6" is undefined in the World Building Spreadsheet. I honestly wish I can have 2 days to figure this out myself, but I've delegated the programming and I'm not mentally available. 

Whats occupying my mind is the migration, I currently visualizing all the problems and what I will do. Particularly we have to set up ERPNext pop email client so that it can generate a complete backup which we will upload. We will upload first the Sandbox then the Production. Then we will upload to DO, then test it out, then tell the users to migrate to the DO. 

I have to defend my usage of Blender and FreeCAd to the company and fully visualize how it will be used in everything and how its a Win Win to teach as many of the staff and ojts how to do it. Particularly the use of 3d software in planning Construction when I've used it to plan with the wife our move to the new condo. Its strange that I have to justify 3d a lot as well as Maintaining an ASSET library - I dont recommend just grabbing anything off the web and letting the clients "Imagine" something - because what they imagine may be too far from what we can provide and that GAP costs money and frustration. Its Way better to ensure the Client knows exactly what are going to expect from the renders. The MORE we can visualize for the client how the project is Going and What we are going to do the better - the way couples and families fight a lot when it comes to furniture and have the tools in 3D for them to prototype and see how it will look like is SO IMPORTANT. The phenomenon where couples argue in IKEA is alive in well in enterprise fit-out (design and build) but in board rooms instead of dining rooms. 

You can imagine how I'd rather do World Building problems - finish the mechanics, finish the spreadsheet to make it a few clicks not a multi step dice roll, and then proceed to create some Blender models to compliment it. 

Not only do I have to see how Open source tools are supposed to work, but understand what prevents existing users of Autocad (more than a decade old versions) can migrate. What prevents them from understanding the FreeCAD and Blender Workflow... oh and figure out how the Manufacturing Module in ERPNext is supposed to work along side it. 

Tuesday, March 15, 2022

+3D6 Roll but Keep either HIGH or LOW 2 dice is better but harder to communicate.

 I realized in 2D6 adjusting the Roll & Keep (roll 3D6 Keep High 2 or Low 2) is just pretier but hard to communicate. 

Advantage: Any Value Can still happen but we adjust the Bell Curve or Weight Distribution of the odds. 

So if I have a Level 4 Skill in Cepheus Engine and roll 6D6KH2, but i have 5 levels of Disadvantage  I will NET roll 3D6KL2. 

Question: Then what is the Function of adjusting the Target Number? 

Answer: Fine Tuning, the Refree and Players can adjust the Odds in the Give and Take of crafting the scene. Target Numbering being the Default and ADV and DIS being a significant increase while TN having a smaller yet still tangible outcome. 

So a 3-7D6 keep H/L2. will still be TN 2-12.  

output [lowest 2 of 6d6] named "6d6kl2"
output [lowest 2 of 5d6] named "5d6kl2"
output [lowest 2 of 4d6] named "4d6kl2"
output [lowest 2 of 3d6] named "3d6kl2"
output 2d6
output [highest 2 of 3d6] named "3d6kh2"
output [highest 2 of 4d6] named "4d6kh2"
output [highest 2 of 5d6] named "5d6kh2"
output [highest 2 of 6d6] named "6d6kh2"

Saturday, March 12, 2022

Hex maps with Inkscape and Hex Map Extension by Pelle Nilsson

Hex maps with Inkscape and Hexmap extension Copyright 2008-2020 Pelle Nilsson and contributors

1) Download Inkscape (if you don't already have it)
2) Download the Hex Map Extension in Git Hub

3) Go to Preferences - either go to Edit > Preferences (very bottom) or Shift+Ctr+P
4) In Preferences look for where Extensions can be Found.

5) Unzip Hex Map Extensions and copy hexmap.inx to /home/user-name/.config/inkscape/extensions (drag and drop works)  
6) Shut down and relaunch Inkscape
7) In Extension > Board Game > Create Hexmaps
8) in Dialogue Box of Create Hexmaps check the Live PREVIEW

  • Mine was buggy, Stroke 0.01 had to be re-encoded to preview. otherwise it disappears. 0.1 inch is just too thick. So after I played around with the settings, I had to retype 0.01 and the grid appears and press apply. 
  • Add Columns and Rows as Needed. 
  • Drag and Select Everything and Manually Center. 
A2 Hex Grid
2ft x 3ft (24in x 36in) Hex Grid 1-inch hex I got quoted 4usd plus 2usd delivery for this. Hope to get it Printed on Monday. I can always have it cut so I can fit in a small table. 

I currently use Cepheus Engine basic combat for just pure combat games.