Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Progress Update: Tender 100DT and Habitat Ring 200DT. Courier STL and 3mf files uploaded

An update. That's a 200DT ring and a 100DT tender. 200DT ring is like a motor home for the higher TLs when the incomes of the characters are greater. 

In earlier TLs like 2050s such a habitat is only owned by states.  

The internal ring is the one moving as well as the passageway that goes into the ring.

with a Stationary area - it allows for storage, docking station, as well as counter-balancing infrastructure. 

The system - ring and tenders are designed to be flexible. Ideally they slow down the spin and gravity on points of transition so that people do not suffer from the vertico too badly. 

some corrections. The passage tubes will be moved away from the non-moving core. The tube will be spinning along with the inner internal section. 
The outer and center is non-rotating. 

Some cases this is the ideal mode of travel. In some its what you see above.

The rings are modular. There are templates and standard designs that allow for expansion. We will have rules for less Thrust-1 when moving much larger objects. 
with drugs and inner-ear corrective modifications (like glasses for the inner ear, earphones that mitigate the nausea as well as surgery and smart prosthetics/cybernetics)
the Courier's 3mf and STL files are uploaded. You can get it in the Onedrive Folder that comes with the Mneme Space combat purchase (I hope you bookmark it, because prototypes and our other drafts that didnt make the cut is there for your own use if you still want it). 

Charles Jamer C. Pangindian is working on the Resin Files Folio:
Christian Tormes is working on the FDM files 

Their contact details for commissions will be included in the folder. 

This is by 

a hole for the stand.

Tuesday, February 13, 2024

Progress Update: Stl to 3mf, Tender and Ring, Ship Design mechanics

  1.  we cannot make the scale proportional or its going to be too big. So what happens is there is a RESIN and FDM file of each model and they start at 10DT (with 15mm for resin). for every Increase of size, we make a smaller increase or else we wont have space for the 5,000 or 2M dton assets. We will be using STL and 3mf
  2. We are going through revisions of the Tender: It has to be able to PULL or PUSH a ring. the ring typically has its spinning happening in a housing so that moving counterweights can counteract the Tennis Racket Effect.  It has to be spinning in the housing for so many other reasons and the space within the ring as docking and storage and farms. We have this concept called the "Ox Neck" the kind of structure you need the tender to have to Push or Pull a more massive object. 
  3. Wings of Honneamis - my research on Real world rockets and that the Ship design system allows for the recreation of the Early and Current Space race is key so that in settings where people are reconstructing lost technology and alternate technologies. Example the space race in Wings of Honneamis. 
  4. Scale
    1. 1 million seconds is 11 days
    2. 1 billion seconds is 32 years. 
    3. With environmental tech earth can hold tens of billions
    4. jupiter has the resources of thousands of earths - the habitat you see of 700m diameters could be 1 of millions. The economic activity producing Graphene superstructures for Rings and Space-elevators and Inertia Tethers (all are graphene based tethers used for the largest mega structures) could produce hundreds or thousands kilometers of such an earth day. (using a Bishops' Ring to create the day and night cycle)
    5. What is a Trillion Humans? check out Island Evolution Theory -imagine Sol with a Trillion humans spread out. 

34 million cubic meteres or about 2 million dtons. 

Friday, February 9, 2024

Mneme Ship Design - Part of Space Combat

Organizing all these notes so that I can make ships using a DTON bill of materials system is going to mean I have researched all the ships and found the best way to recreate these ships. 

Then I have to create tools and show how to calculate: Delta-V budget using ISP, Flow-rate, Thrust, and loaded Mass. With boosters which uses the Rocket Equation, I have to create the formulas  to be accessible.  

TLs work differently in Mneme

ProgramCountryMilestoneDateRocket (TL)Spacecraft (TL)
Sputnik 1USSRFirst artificial satelliteOct 4, 1957R-7 (TL 5)Sputnik 1 (TL 6)
Vanguard 1USAFirst US satelliteMar 17, 1958Vanguard (TL 5)Vanguard 1 (TL 6)
Vostok 1USSRFirst human in spaceApr 12, 1961Vostok-K (TL 6)Vostok 1 (TL 7)
Project MercuryUSAFirst US human in spaceMay 5, 1961Redstone (TL 5)Mercury-Redstone 3 (TL 7)
Apollo 11USAFirst moon landingJul 20, 1969Saturn V (TL 7)Apollo 11 Command Module (TL 9), Lunar Module (TL 8)
N1/L3USSRLunar flyby attempt, never reached moonJul 3, 1974N1 (TL 8)L3 (TL 9)
Mir-ApolloUSSR/USAFirst docking of Soviet and US spacecraftJun 29, 1995Soyuz-TM (TL 6)Mir (TL 7), Apollo-Soyuz Test Project (TL 7)
International Space Station (ISS)MultipleCurrently in operationNov 20, 1998Various (Soyuz, Space Shuttle, etc.)ISS (TL 8)
Tiangong ProgramChinaCurrently in operationApr 29, 2021Long March 5B (TL 7)Tiangong space station (TL 8)
Commercial Destinations in LEOPrivateVarious milestones reached2001-presentVariousSpaceX Crew Dragon (TL 8), Blue Origin New Shepard (TL 7)
Artemis ProgramUSAGoal: return humans to the Moon by 2025Dec 11, 2022Space Launch System (TL 8)Orion spacecraft (TL 9), Lunar Gateway (TL 8)

Delta-V calucations: there are two ways to calculate Delta-V. 
1) Acceleration * Time. This is mostly accurate if it were an electric car in an atmosphere with no air resistance, since there is very little mass difference when it uses up power from its batteries. 
2) Rocket equation: ISP * Gravity * Log (Initial or loaded Mass / Final or empty Mass). I never use logarithms in my work and at least AI can help me review concepts I never use. (Sadly if my work was physics based, then I would need practice for my basic EQ and thats harder to practice with an AI.) 

Rocket Equation for Every Stage added up will make the final Delta-V. 

Surface Area to Volume Ratio.  that some shapes have a particular Volume to Surface Area relationships, as well as a relationship to the longest dimension. This came into play when we were creating the STL files for Resin printing of Mneme Space Combat

a 10DT ship, 1/10 of a Scout is roughly 1/2 in leongth as the 100DT scout. While a Ship with 2x the volume (100DT to 200DT) will have about 25% more length. 

Tuesday, February 6, 2024

Designing the Mneme Ship Builder - Challenges

Mneme Ship builder has a key criteria for its design: I have to be able to create ships of the Space Race and present day (2024) with the system. At least close enough to the key ship Benchmarks: Apollo V space program, Space Shuttle Program, the Buran-Energia, the Soyuz, and the Space X Falcon rockets and its competitors, China and India.

Mneme Tech Level Table

1) Gravitic-Less: No artificial Gravity unless its through Acceleration and Spin. 
2) No Reactionless Drives. No infinit Delta-V aka the power to destroy planets that a gov’t can create. 
3) Ability to retell the space race and the incremental improvements that is achieved decade by decade until the cost per ton is a reasonable magnitude from that of air flight. if Air freight is about 2,000 usd per ton. then a Ton to Low Earth orbit is 200,000 usd. and then after Low-Earth-Orbit, the cost per tun is much lower since the gravity is much lower. The prices are aligned to Delta-V cost x Metric Tons. 
As well as the ability to give a demographic rate of growth to permanent space habitation. People spending decades of their lives working off-earth, even if they retire on earth. 
4) There has to be a tool for this. A web-based app, and HTML and JS file .


  1. Using the Specifications of the Ships in the following Programs:  Sputnik (1957), Apollo Programs - Saturn V rockets 1960-1973Space Shuttle Program 1972-1986 using the RS-25 rockets and the Solid Rocket BoostersShuttle-Mir Program 1993-1998 featuring the Soyuz Spacecraft and Soyuz RocketJupiter Rocket Family (2000s never really happened) and documenting the Chinese and Indian rockets and the competition of Space X. Using simulations if using "Simple Rockets 2" to make up for the 
  2. Relearning my Physics and Math after this long break. At least I have AI to help me organize my research and thoughts. Particularly helping communicate the concepts.  Delta-V calculation, Engine's Impulse, Rocket Equation, Escape Velocity calculations,   
  3. modeling each ship according to their TL increments. And building these into the Tech level mechanics. 
  4. Having staff that will help me program this while I try to maintain my current commitments: finishing all the CE SRD ships and creating HTML-JS tools to make Mneme World Generator, Ship Designer, Vehicle Designer and Character generator. 
Few would care, but this would give the foundational elements for the person to understand current rocket and space program challenges. 

Wednesday, January 31, 2024

Update: Double Checking the DTONS - Asteroid Miner 200DT

UPDATE: (view the gallery here)

In Mneme we try to make the ship fit the displacement tons in its stats. We have to take some liberties because if we made it really modular, the ships would look really different and they wont fit the aesthetic. Still its a pretty big challenge: 

Example the Mining Drone which has a 10DT Bay. Since 30% buffer is needed we had to be really generous with the space. 7DT but of course it needs a lot of space for the umbilical and servicing. So we have to take a bit of liberties. 

Hopefully people will appreciate the design and thought that went into this. We are currently working on creating 3d Printed prototypes of all the ships. As well as 3d Printing instructions. So those who took that risk to support us know that whatever improvement is uploaded into the product is not made separately. With Game in the Brain, we hope to return to the business model where you get a lot of value from the product. 

Thursday, January 25, 2024

Update: Asteroid Miner Progress and Mining Drone


earlier vversion above. 

  1. I cannot be tracked or wheeled since it assumes gravity, and it has to be able to grip the terrain. 
  2. Its not a Boring vehicle its like a mobile Drill bit and Vacuum, it will have an umbilical to transfer material from one place to another. It can transfer material from one Mining drone to another. -part of the use is Cutting up an asteroid. 
  3. How do you pick up the Powdery Asteroids if there is no Air? Well, I think it's critical that we have a clear intake, and it mechanically moves the materials into its intake and umbilical. 
  • New Module: Mining Laser. Its funny cause we have Lasers in our manufacturing plant (Fiber Laser), and we've been playing around with the Creality Laser module (just a 5W laser, we learned we needed a 40-100W to create PCBS) and h Tech Ingredients special on lasers
  • New module: ORe Processor. like the Fuel processor but for materials and processes at 1DT/hour. Similar stats in Dtons and space. 

  • As always this will be a Power Point file that will allow people to edit it, for further customization, imagining - Seth Skarkowsky - buying our stuff and making his tweaks  and since its CC-BY-SA he can easily go into a  lot of detail and not get in trouble. 

Tuesday, January 23, 2024

Designing the asteroid Miner 200DT


  1. it should be able to PUSH/TENDER an asteroid (burrowing to get near the center of mass of an asteroid when pushing).  
  2. it should be able to Carve Out CHUNKS from a larger asteroid. 
  3. it should be JUMP with an asteroid (burrowing to get near the center of mass of an asteroid). 
  4. It should be able to alter the asteroid's spin, if any. 
  5. It should deflect the trajectory of an asteroid or its chunk - so using a gravity well, it will push an asteroid to alter its course towards the direction it needs. It also will convert the mass of the asteroid into FUEL. 
  1. The whole asteroid is useful, inspired by Delta-V (Daniel Suarez) and Seveneves (Neil Stephenson). The economics of intrastellar space is a lot of material. 
  2. Ships are really more of drives pushing large chunks of material. FUEL - be it chunks of ICE or an asteroid with Volatiles - why do I need precious tonnage enclosing some stable fuels instead of being economical with my resources. 
  1. Boring Body to have a GRIP on the asteroid and possibly affect its rotation using the nacelle drives. 
  2. Nacelle drives, C-rated J and M and Power plants
  3. 2- Mining Drones 10DT each with umbilical. 
  4. The control center and bridge is modular, and not part of the drill body. It will adjust to allow more of the boring hull into the Asteroid. 
  5. 72DT of fuel and it can process the Asteroid for Fuel. 

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