Wednesday, June 5, 2024

Escape Velocity and Orbital Limit

Escape Velocity  the relative speed you need to have to escape earths gravity field. 

Orbital Limit is an arbitrary point here in Mneme World Generator that means - the distance the escape velocity to leave the gravity well of a planet is only 1m/s. Meaning if I throw a ball at more than 1m/s while I am in this distance relative to earth or a planet that ball will not go back down and will escape the gravity well that will cause it to orbit the planet. 

Low Orbit is based on atmospheric drag - which is why its so hard to calculate - but I have the components little by little being set up. Basically low orbit can be as low as the highest Peak on the surface. Basically if you take the median radius of the Moon and take its highest peak - like the Mons Huygens at 5.3km - since there is no atmosphere you can set an object to ORBIT the moon as high as 6km from its surface. 
Low Orbit will be where a lot of defense and surface monitoring satellites will be positions. Satelites meant to relay information and tends to be here. This tends to be controlled as much of ships and satellites can be weapons of mass destruction and its too difficult to shoot it down and prevent it from causing devastation at the Low Orbit position. 

High Orbit is going to be based on earth's high orbit - which I will measure in Escape Velocity, Gravity, and relative to Orbital limit. High orbit is where a lot of space stations and traffic will happen. Star or High ports will be in High Orbits - especially when ships use dangerous and powerful propulsion.  In a densely populated world like earth and with precious ecologies - High orbit is the limit for potential weapons of mass destruction. Ships capable of carrying and using weapons of mass destruction exceeding High Orbit can be constituted as a hostile act.  

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