Thursday, May 9, 2019

Mechanics that focus on Prioritization and Agile Thinking

As a gamer, when i see an attempt to do something I think about "rolling to do something".
Now that I know the default of even a skilled task i 15-50% success (skill 10 in gurps but considering many -0 to -3 difficulty), I plan - which is like telling the GM: "I do this easier task (+2 to +4) that gives me a +1 bonus to my goal task" rolling these tasks and spending the time to do this tasks before doing the major task.
Because now its not a matter of succeeding - its a matter of prioritization: Which tasks will I do many minor tasks to buff my odds to succeed. So now Time = Success.

  • I cant wait to run a game where I use this mechanic and See how the players PRIORITIZE their time instead of opportunistically rolling. 
  • I want to see how creative players can be in Defining the Minimum Viable Product - the special skill of breaking down Goals to Achievable small wins and the minimum win they need to achieve their objective. 
  • I want to see players Pivot and adapt their strategies, as now that they Time is their resource for success - Problems are Moving targets that change over time.