Tuesday, August 2, 2022

MNEME world Generator (Cepheus Engine Compatible) is now Available.

Mneme World Generator is now available for download. 

  1. access to a spreadsheet to let you generate a solar system with a single click.
  2. 3D modeling files to allow the creation of planets and 2D maps.
  3. an expanded tech-level system for harder sci-fi settings that don’t deal with gravity manipulation or faster than light travel.
  4. A Basic Artificial Habitat system and expanded Environmental systems.
  5. A Solar System Delta-V map
  6. Recalibration of the Credit system for more realistic scaling of the value of ships, equipment, and developed and advanced societies.
  7. a D66 x d6 Cultures table
  8. & Instructions for making, and a sample of 2D star system Hex map
  9. How to use the planet generator blender files https://youtu.be/W1r1NN38TCw  
  10. How to use the World Generator Spreadsheet https://youtu.be/tzPrW8AYmj8

Goals and Objectives. 

  1. I guess I need feedback, particularly the NICHE of players who want to make their scifi a bit harder little by little and in a simplified manner. Those players who want the product to help them build details in a couple of clicks - they are free to use or not use (because they were not so invested having to create those details).  
  2. Let me and Nicco make a better product over time, support us so we can continue to make Open Source Tools. Cepheus Engine has done a lot to make it easy for other people get into making their Own TRPG with a set of rules that is open source. 

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