Sunday, August 14, 2022

Encode your own Worlds.

 Darren Bulmer asked if we can just encode our own worlds.

Answer: Yes. 

The yellow cells are where the Dice Values go. The dice values are created by the javascript RollKeep function. You can overwrite this and Index match will pull the corresponding values. 

I think there is a problem with some of the cells, I honestly forgot so much of this as this was made around May and its already August and I was juggling so much work at the time. Honestly I forgot so much of how everything works and I have to rely on my project documents to find my way. 
the advantage is that I can afford to fail and sell it cheaply, the drawback is that I'm juggling a lot and cannot remember so much of this system. 

Still we will fix it and we Keep meticulous notes - the whole book was written in google docs. It would have been published from google docs if our computers and google docs could handle it. 

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