Saturday, August 6, 2022

What would be the minimum usable milestones of Ship Generation Tool?

 working with the ojts in making the World Generator back in May. 

Eventually, I will have to pay 10-40usd an hour for the skillset, every success of the trainees means they are at a new level and thus can command (and earn) more. 

Of course them being at a starting level, means I have to invest time and help them develop. Paying for professionals to teach us some basics (40 USD an hour) or being so lucky to have someone volunteer to train them. 

It was my first time handling a "Development Project" normally I'm on the client side. 

This project went through a few Iterations. 

Despite being Interns, since it was a personal project (even if Javascript helped the company because ERPNext uses javascript and the videos all helped us create more macros in Google Sheets) I paid for their services. 

Eventually when I make my Ideal SHIP generator - I think it would cost about a few thousand of dollars and about  10+ months. My ideal ship generator is in GODOT or in Blender, generating a CSV/XLS file of the ship and Players can VISUALLY "Kitbash" or assemble a Ship. Basically Players and GM.

Of course I wish I can get a small group of people who are interested in a Cepheus Engine 3D Modeling Ship Generator - basically helping me determine what would be the Milestones that have a USABLE product.

I want it that every 80-100 hours worth of work Stakeholders has a Minimum Usable Product. (Probably just a simple 3d model of the ship). Note that this shipbuilding will default in Realistic - similar to children of a dead earth or Expanse. 

Example: Lets say 80-100 hours each. what is the simplest usable tool? (This is wrong and i really need to talk to other GMs who have pain points in running hard scifi to be immersive). 

  1. Default Space Scene. The ability to IMPORT ships and celestial assets into Blender/GODOT and manage these assets. OUTCOME: gms can just assemble a scene by importing assets we create or help create to scenes for the game. 
  2. The ability to Set Distances and Relative Positions. So this will be a tool to give a sense of Scale. Having assets Light minutes or Hours or Days away without Losing these items. NOW people who use it can show in Blender/GODOT how to set items.  
  3. Learn to create Procedural Ship Components in GODOT or Blender meaning they are scalable. Cabins, Fuel, Engines, etc...  Develop a Workflow for Making these procedural/Geometery node systems. People can create a CABIN and fill it with occupants and render the image. 

  4.  Integrating all the Ships Components together. Before you can just make a cabin and render them as a scene. Now they are all together as a Ship. 

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