Friday, March 24, 2023

Discussions with the AI. as I use Chat GPT and learning the many many ways I can use it and process information.


Remember when you used to Google something before answering, and it became muscle memory?

Now, imagine running queries through multiple AI systems like BARD, GPT-4, and perhaps even one you've trained yourself.

Imagine that the AI you've trained is always on, always listening, and you're constantly asking it if it understands the context - like teaching a child. You help it grasp nuances while learning from its observations.

Now, envision a group of individuals who have these AIs providing additional context through Augmented Reality glasses (which have their own open-source projects). Consider how different their experiences might be. They could have multiple AIs, either as different versions of the same system or as variants with distinct specializations and training.

Imagine a quality of life where uninteresting problems can be delegated to AI, and for the engaging problems, you have an AI to provide feedback and further develop your neural connections.

Envision the mastery of using AI that leads to a feedback loop, making all of your AIs smarter.

Think about the children growing up alongside these advanced systems and the advantages they have compared to their peers. Imagine the emergence of Data Billionaires - individuals so rich in insight and understanding that they achieve levels of success we've never dreamed of.


In a darker version of this reality, Insight Billionaires might use their vast knowledge and AI-assisted understanding to wield dangerous levels of power. Employing dark patterns, social engineering, and mass manipulation, they could control and destroy societies to suit their whims.

These megalomaniacs may believe they are gods among men, possessing a divine right to reshape reality as they see fit. The consequences of their actions could lead to a memetic pandemic of toxicity, powerlessness, and self-destruction, causing widespread harm.

As these individuals spread their influence, seemingly innocuous stimuli like a vision, a picture, or a phrase could trigger despair and hopelessness in those affected by their memetic control. People could easily spiral into helplessness, further cementing the power and control of these Insight Billionaires.

In this dystopian scenario, unchecked power and malicious intent would lead to widespread suffering and an erosion of the basic principles of freedom and democracy, ultimately destabilizing the very fabric of society.

Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Income per Day, as analysis of Overhead to get Output Costs

 So I need to create a table of how much it costs for a certain amount of unskilled and skilled manpower. This is important for the Technical Challenge mechanics. It is interesting, though, that while Inflation raised the cost of living - we are living in much better times.

So someone from 1800 looking at our Incomes through a filter adjusting it according to their inflation will see a Wealthy middle-middle class person earning 11.25 USD (1800 CE) per day.

While we look back into the past and see they were living in on 50usd/day, equal to our "Underclass" through the filter of our Inflation lense. 

Can you imagine the Middle-Middle class in 2100 earning about 800usd per day to our 2000 perspective? or 3,200 USD per day for those in 2200! or 12,800usd/day for middle-middle class in 2300!!!  What does a person spend on in 12,800!? A middle-middle-class person who is one of the most socially mobile would probably live in Space in a habitat. Earth would probably be the home for most of those with Universal Basic Income, only needing a fraction to have a full life compared to those in space who are close to Jovian Forges and Mining Tethers. 

Space ships at the cost of hundreds of millions when incomes are 64x that of people from the 2000s would be more accessible and become just millions. 

Monday, March 20, 2023

Game in the Brain Feb Performance

 My delays in finishing 2-Parsec is killing my visibility.  I know, of course I get sick, I have social obligations, I hurt people I have to repair and make better. So Of course I'm paying for it with delays. 

Speaking of pay, I have some residual income from the Cooperative of the company, so I got some gain I could spend. I can pay for the art and services for 2-Parsec, but What I don't have is time. 

If you noticed my frequent of posting has gone down I've taken a lot of load at work. Giving Erpnext and Pfsense and FreeCAD training almost every day. Imagine students who don't answer or say anything while I try to explain technical concepts and make technology work and demonstrate it to them. It's mentally and emotionally exhausting. Of course of the students I encounter, I have the few that do listen and that recharge me. 

As for my staff, I have a hard time and the power imbalance as the boss makes me suspect everything and be paranoid. I try to be kind and open-minded even if my danger sense is tingling; the students - with those who don't care and their indifference are more real.  I like knowing I'm not persuasive at all because it removes the layer of power as son of the owner to have a better measure of the situation. 

It is a strange thing where the indifference of the students is something I can work with and the lack of sincerity and hidden indifference of my co-workers are more problematic. One would ask "Why not exert more forceful control?" I would say - that's a tired trope, there are millions of other strategies, and we live in an era now that has an AI that I can use to explore alternative strategies with and I would use force? Anyway they're still students and I'm getting free labor - of course they are getting a Director to teach them cloud, erpnext, pfsense, project management and problem-solving - more hands-on than their professors. I had ECE students who couldn't solve this problem: I have a gpon  router, can I just connect it using a Fiber Optical Media Converter from the switch to the media converter to the gpon router?"

Some much to work with some much to help - I can and I offer the help readily its just they are so unmotivated and I have dispassionate employees who don't want to get out of the mess. So emotionally drained after training people 5-6 hours a day - recording, taking my own minutes, and demonstrating and problem-solving live in front of an audience. An audience that is mostly despondent. 

The really good students I get to work with is what I look forward to, people who will probably make some history I get to be lucky to meet.   

So with the emotional labor I will hopefully power through and finish soon. I can't say when I'll finish. Just know I'll finish and you can run a game with the material with weak areas at least mapped.  

Status update: 2-Parsec will have Mneme Variant Equipment and musings of Wealth across Eras

I am currently working on Mneme Variant Equipment, a set of mechanics I had to make because I wanted equipment templates and write ups for 2-Parsec. It attempted to solve the following problems: 

1) equipment is bulky and took up a lot of space on the page. having Equipment packages allowed me to have no layout-disrupting tables. 
2) give Players and GMS equipment packages from the guy who would plan his load out for Airsoft, for excursions, for trips abroad, and thought about it a lot. 

Of course it got me into a lot of thinking:  

Throughout history, wealth has taken on many different forms. Hunter-gatherers valued anything they could carry with them, while early farmers prized land and crops. As civilizations developed, so did the accumulation of capital and infrastructure.

Today, in 2023, wealth is often associated with material possessions such as cars, homes, appliances, and other equipment. However, with the emergence of AI and the Maker Era, this definition is rapidly changing. The rise of collectives of makers is leading to a correction of monopolistic forces and transforming material wealth.

Another area where wealth is evolving is in the field of cybernetics and healthcare. As the number of technical professionals increases and social mobility improves, cybernetics and healthcare are becoming more accessible to people who previously lacked access. This increased access is leading to people being able to perform at a high level throughout their lives and accumulate wealth as a result.
At present, the cost of repairing cybernetic enhancements or space habitats would be astronomical. However, as technology continues to advance, these costs may become more akin to repairing a car or performing expensive home repairs.

The ability to sustain human life in space indefinitely is a milestone of our mastery of the material environment. It represents a level of wealth and technological advancement that could allow us to become less dependent on Earth and more self-sufficient as a species. 

Technical Challenges

When using Technical mechanics, you will need to remember this simple formula:

Output = Materials x Capabilities x Risk.

Capabilities refer to skill, manpower, and technology level, while materials include the raw materials and equipment used in creating the output. Output refers to the product or service the PCs need or will provide to move the story forward.

Risk is determined by rolling dice and can result in success, degrees of success (including costly success), or failure, and degrees of costly failure.

When the story presents a technical challenge, technical players can use the known variables to determine the unknown variables. The game master will then assign risk to these variables, including the difficulty, consequences, and stakes of success or failure. By incorporating technical mechanics into the game, players can add depth and interest to the story while keeping the challenges and outcomes realistic.

Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Update: More Delays - Equipment and Stat Problems. Templates and Budgets

Problem Statement: 
  • The equipment in the statistic blocks (Stat blocks) are too BULKY in the layout and Messy. Its also repetitive and wasted space. Example: Of course everyone will have a Phone or Personal Comms Device. 
  • Budget System: Saying the person has X amount of Equipment in Credits and Weight. This lets anyone not have to keep track of their gear and have anything reasonable in their person. 
  • Templates. A guide of what a soldier, emergency responder, a regular person should carry. (example: someone who lives in the frontier, in a high-end space station, hiking in vacuum or thin atmosphere) 
  • Time, I should figure out a way to finish this in a Week. 

I already have a spreadsheet for Equipment. I use a spreadsheet to make sure all the stats are written in the context of alternatives and variations. To "Balance" out why people choose one option over another. 

Friday, March 3, 2023

Sky's End by Niccolo Salonga

If you follow this Blog, you will know Niccolo Salonga as the Artist of Game in the Brain. He finally launched his decades old system Sky's End. He's been working on this system back in college in 2000 and have had scores of play tests over the years. The system is a Ship of Theseus

I'm very happy he published and took that bold step. I dont know if you noticed how OPEN we are here in game in the brain given how much of our material can easily be reorganized and repurposed for others to self-publish - to get their foot out the door and to realize "Its not so bad" and to begin the learning process. 

Its pay what you want, and encouraged at 2usd

If you dont have the time to invest in 90 pages, you can try the quick starter

Have a start and grow. 
Self publishing means having a lot of blindsided. So typically its rough and needs feedback. Nicco is easy to talk to about his product and a worthwhile investment in a game that will grow. 

Game in the Brain Feb Sales 2023

1) I quit my Chinese and Work ANKI drills which occupied at least 7-20 hours a week - inevitably my 2k vocabulary will turn to crap. I realized financially since the pandemic my dream to travel to Taiwan and GuangDong for tech visits and supplier finding will not happen. I’ve been doing Chinese studies since 2011. This frees up my time for other things. Most importantly writing and editing. 

2) Editing is slow and ponderous as 50+ page adventure is slow and ponderous in MS Office. Before the next book I will research if Libreoffice is better. Every click and command takes about 1-2 seconds even on a powerful gaming computer.  I’ve only progressed 2 pages this week. I have 20 pages to fix. 

3) health is also a factor. I had to pay down my sleep debt. I think by mid march my health will be better if I reinvest all the time I lost studying Chinese to running more and moving around since I am WFH and can end up doing only 500steps in a day (as compared to 3000 pre pandemic)

4) I have some funds for commissions - and I will start polishing the art with more of my free time.

I learned our local bank doesnt play nice with PayPal, preventing me to put it in our dollar account as it converts it pesos.