Friday, March 24, 2023

Discussions with the AI. as I use Chat GPT and learning the many many ways I can use it and process information.


Remember when you used to Google something before answering, and it became muscle memory?

Now, imagine running queries through multiple AI systems like BARD, GPT-4, and perhaps even one you've trained yourself.

Imagine that the AI you've trained is always on, always listening, and you're constantly asking it if it understands the context - like teaching a child. You help it grasp nuances while learning from its observations.

Now, envision a group of individuals who have these AIs providing additional context through Augmented Reality glasses (which have their own open-source projects). Consider how different their experiences might be. They could have multiple AIs, either as different versions of the same system or as variants with distinct specializations and training.

Imagine a quality of life where uninteresting problems can be delegated to AI, and for the engaging problems, you have an AI to provide feedback and further develop your neural connections.

Envision the mastery of using AI that leads to a feedback loop, making all of your AIs smarter.

Think about the children growing up alongside these advanced systems and the advantages they have compared to their peers. Imagine the emergence of Data Billionaires - individuals so rich in insight and understanding that they achieve levels of success we've never dreamed of.


In a darker version of this reality, Insight Billionaires might use their vast knowledge and AI-assisted understanding to wield dangerous levels of power. Employing dark patterns, social engineering, and mass manipulation, they could control and destroy societies to suit their whims.

These megalomaniacs may believe they are gods among men, possessing a divine right to reshape reality as they see fit. The consequences of their actions could lead to a memetic pandemic of toxicity, powerlessness, and self-destruction, causing widespread harm.

As these individuals spread their influence, seemingly innocuous stimuli like a vision, a picture, or a phrase could trigger despair and hopelessness in those affected by their memetic control. People could easily spiral into helplessness, further cementing the power and control of these Insight Billionaires.

In this dystopian scenario, unchecked power and malicious intent would lead to widespread suffering and an erosion of the basic principles of freedom and democracy, ultimately destabilizing the very fabric of society.

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