Friday, December 6, 2013

Mary Sue Test

This Mary Sue Test is pretty cool. I don't like mary sues, that much. I have limited abilities so my knowledge used to assess people is used to appreciate characters, when character are "too good to be true" this is a red flag in business world and a red flag to me as a GM or writer. Everything follow some kind of economics, and when something doesnt add up it stretches my suspenders of disbelief. 

It doesn't stop me from appreciating simple stories, like many of the anime's Ive been catching up in. The Harems, the Emo, the destiny, the misogyny and cheap thrils etc... of course I fast forward a lot watching this and really skip to the "Get to the Point". There is not much stretching and savoring the moment for Mary Sues, they're like pornography - in that it causes a disposable and inauthentic attraction and affection. 

Game wise flaws are a big deal, and like them to really be in the charactersheet in the game system, but I want strengths to be clearly shown in some form of economy. Point buy systems do that, but I also want randomness and odd combinations the way the world and chance creates. Why certain dominant strategies fail to exist primarily because of interconnected/interlocking complexity. 

This is the character I'm researching about. Im using all those Sci-fi notes for games used for internal consistency and writing it into a story. This Mary Sue test is promising and shows how much work I put (hopefully). 

Sadly this means its a Niche Audience, and not something to really do full time. Thats ok, the frustration at work drives me to write a lot so at least I walk away with something. One thing the test doesn't check is how weird or deviant the character is. Nothing wrong with Niche audience, I'm niche because of my interests but I do know as a market I can not help the producers much.  

T*** is nothing like you. She isn't really very cool: she blends into crowds, she hangs out on the fringes at parties, and wearing shades after dark makes her run into things. She may have sometimes thought that she was special, or destined for greater things, but probably dismissed the idea as a fantasy. She's come in for her share of hurt, but gotten off with minor damage. And she's gotten no slack from you. 

In general, you care deeply about Tedora, but you're smart enough to let her stand on her own, without burdening her with your personal fantasies or propping her up with idealization and over-dramatization. Tedora is a healthy character with a promising career ahead of her. 

Score Breakdown Do I Know This Guy? 0 You Mean Plaid Is Out? 5 I'm Destined For What? 5 Can't Complain 6 Momma HATES Her! 2 Total: 18 _

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