Friday, December 13, 2013

Problem Solving is the Dungeon Crawl; Mature Theme: Financial Security

Problem Solving is the Dungeon Crawl

The idea behind debt is leverage future earnings in a way that when it us invested it multiplies productivity and a strategy that nets a net profit even with the "interest". I let players Role-Play and Problem-solve their characters and consequences are not limited by Points gained per session! 

Meaning if you managed to reduce your debt through an effective strategy or gain more income its yours to keep what you earned! Its basically like Dungeon Crawling to me, but instead of fighting monsters in a dungeon your Problem Solving lolz. That's the sandbox world to me, no GM to be some karmic overlord playing god and dealing retribution or favor (to me GM is the devil's advocate always bringing up problems, but cheering the players on as they solve them). The GM merely facilitates consequences, and sometimes badguys win.

Evoking Emotion; Financial Security as a Mature Theme

Current events as depressing as it may be is a great guide for both tragedy and drama. The number of many broken dreams the economic crash created and how deeply such fears go into the psyche of some mature players is something that is mostly avoided and unspoken. It would be awesome to bring it to light in an RP environment where these demons can be fought. These demons that gamed the system to breaking at the expense of so many innocents, and to face the problems with Epic Skills, Discipline, Introspection, and Emotional Maturity would be awesome for me as the GM and the audience of the players (as I cheer them on).

I believe (emphasis in the Hypothetical) that you can't get a strong reaction if there is no personal investment through something as simple and universal as financial security.

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