Tuesday, November 30, 2021

reiterating Admin Skills in games no. 8

Basically I have Admin that grants an Advantage to other peoples rolls by using Quality Management and various Logic principles. Its funny when in Games people dont know how Management is supposed to work - they see it as someone to ORDER other people around - they doesnt grant bonuses to rolls. 

Duude Admin is kick ass, support character like a BARD but in real life. Also jack of all trades, any task can be better organized even if the task is entirely unfamiliar. Have uncertanity - then you will have trial and error, but can trial and error be optimized: HELL YEAH! admin

A lot of IT is trial and error, especially in Developing World conditions. Trial and Error have best practices found in PRoject Management (PMBOK). PMBOK is under Admin. Heck the simplest HACK Admin performs is REQUIREMENTS MANAGEMENT (under Quality Management) - ensuring what is the minimum requirement and optimizing resources (Resource Optimization and Critical Path/Chain are under PMBOK and QM and under engineering). 

DO X, and Requirements Management negotiates what is the mininum cost to quality of X, to perform more tasks or free up more resources. There is always scarcity and QM/Admin optimizes this. Who'd thunk that a Skill in Organization is great in a world of constant Entropy? 

How does it affect me in the real world: example would be the Data Protection Act, the equivalent of the EU's Data protection act here in the Philippines. I have to scrounge for resources and propose a business case: business case how this makes us Better Off in a tangble manner. SO MUCH of business is making an action's utility higher as to break even or even thrive. right now I'm determining budget and business case, relying on data to get stakeholders to grant me resources. ideally using the forces of self interest. 

In Game its not supposed to be "Game Breaking" Admin is near useless without Resources, the other PCs with special skills. even PCs without useful skills COMPARATIVE ADVANTAGE prevents bottlenecking - when one PC is devided between many critical tasks (using the skill you discover what is still the optimal arrangement despite not being able to allocate that most skilled PC as well as map what skills are needed to avoid this bottleneck). 

NICHE PROTECTION is not needed in a Game that considers Admin - characters with overlapping skills can not only be used as redundancy but to INCREASE the yield or outcome of a particular Competency area. A GROUP of hackers, thieves, fighters etc... will be optimized to do more than ONE skilled person can do until we hit diminishing returns. 

Does a GM need to be an MBA or Engineer to do this? HELL NO! every minmaxing munchkin is already studied in the basic principles of Resource Otpimizaton and Management Sciences. Being a gamer is already a start as we can measure and monitor, and it is just applying fundamentals in a higher level do we start using these at higher levels. 

Monday, November 22, 2021

Reflection on Arcane and Notes on Storytelling

After getting out the Arcane Haze, how do I make a scene as emotionally involved without violence or a fight? 


Kessler Syndrom - a cascading debris field in Low earth Orbit. This can happen when too much material is destroyed and enters LEO. 

the Crew is scrambling to survive this and the cast of heroes are making sacrifices and rolling the dice. 

foreshadowed flaws and complications are payed off in this scene where our PCs are going to decide what they are going to do. 

its where the Saints falter, and the sinners have a change of heart. The thing is when we look at a story board analysis - we decide if this is a story with mary sues or with mortal flawed characters. Here it would be awesome if the GM was a great speaker or narrator, BUT since its just a bunch of friends playing it doesn't require a mat mercer - it just need a bunch of friends telling a great story.  

the sub-scenes play out, PC to PC as they play out each major decision. Each scene setting up the next character and complicates the payout/payoff. GM wise this is really hard in a technical game - because the stakes are tied to an understanding of the world. 

For example the debris field of a gigaton structure can shred and destroy everything in LEO. the audience needs to know the options of escape and what else is at stake - habitats, travellers being caught up, etc... Same goes for a Solar Storm, or Radiation Storm. 

The GM and Players this would be hard - it would be easier in a writing team to iterate given a time budget and storyboard. Although the GM and Players can PRESS PAUSE and ask them how would this look as a Cool scene? Its having to give an answer immediately that makes things not work as well.

Arcane Season 1 (Spoilers)

I really like the detail and animation, I can notice that Jinx nose is painted on the 3d model as compared to Ekko. I wish my set up could play it higher resolutions - some youtube videos are playing it higher than my firefox browser. 

the powder vs ekko scene is strangely my favorite. I know there was more exchanges in the other fights. but watching the Enemy music video where ekko and powder always playing together being very close seems to make it the most emotionally heavy fight. 

I like the formula in the Analysis - setup-pay-off but the pay-off is also another setup by complicating it. You can plot that tension curve as part of an outline and iterate over and over to get the emotional elements right and consistent. 

I like in the last third they were doing more "slow" to emphasize the speeding up (check out the Studio Mihoyo Henkai cinematics  videos youtube: Honkai Impact 3rd Animation - Final Lesson '; you can find a lot of the videos in their channel) 

I found the earlier fights too fast. 

The closest to making something like this at one individual level is storyboarding. The analysis and the planning that goes in the scene typically is broken down backwards with the key emotional notes identified then the GM working back - it can be asking the player what is this character about and whats at stake and the dice outcomes. 

I just remember when I used to story board back when I was an artist. Its here were you make the "every frame a painting" kind of decision. Some scenes don't translate well, some do. The team doesn't have time to go back - because it may need to go back and edit everything. Note this is a Mixed Media 2d + 3d - they cannot redo a shot at a different angle. Continuity means having to reshoot a LOT if an idea doesn't work out. 

Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Being patient - slow progress

 With the Expanse ending I really should hurry up. The Cepheus ship generation system that makes harder scifi ship got side tracked -  I realized I cannot emphasize the differences between Orbital (surface to orbit) if I didn't make Worlds that emphasized these. So ships designed to carry a payload to orbit vs ships that travel intrastellar space.   Given my age, another barrier for entry is that this complexity needed to be simpler through a simple Google appscript that generated the world on click (main world vs other worlds)  People pay not just for the inspiration but the tools to make it accessible. A regular traveller gamer with the same tools need to take only FUN hour or less to learn the difference and the transition (a youtube video that walks through the entire toolset will come later on).   The actions that make the person aware of the assumptions of the different system need to defined. Reminds me of migrating our accounting system to periodic to perpetual - and a new software - a different world where things work differently but is much easier After the learning curve.


My main barriers these days 

1) are my week nights being reduced as we prepare for easing of lockdown - getting new Gov't ID, fixing stuff in the house, things for the kids. My son's filipino studies have been interrupting my work, as it takes me an hour to build him an Anki deck.

2) work has picked up as we are now transitioning TO erpnext. This is a project that I'm documenting so that small business can adopt it. I'm now juggling students, ojts, and laying the ground work that we migrate some systems by end of year And by next year at Feb we have OJTS I can train. 

I need to study google cloud, cloud sigma, and Alicloud on Feb -  and this is making me anxious.


nicco is pretty much building all the 3d assets for all the art. Enough to get the idea across but I will hand over the other tasks to him when I get too busy.

I have on the drawing board the outline of the world building appscript. I didn't realize that I have to plan out every script and where I'm going to get the other scripts (from learn Google spreadsheets channel and which videos). 

I need the plan because when I get into the weeds I end up going in circles. Also it is to process my anxiety and uncertainty. I always am optimistic only to realize I forgot some key things.

This past week's I've been busy with family matters. When I work on this I'm conflicted when I don't spend more time with the kids. I want the book out but I don't want it at the expense of hanging out with my kids.

Bankrolling all this with my own money -  instead of buying any other thing for recreation I just invest more on this. It helps that it's self funded. I'm lucky I can afford to set aside funds for this. 




Saturday, November 6, 2021

Javascript Appscript for my Stellar System generator

 Sword and Cepheus Character Sheet that Links to DISCORD REDDIT.

PorterPirate sheet is the biggest progress I've had with Javascript Studies. 

Basically right now I'm trying to make Stellar System Generator because I need to populate the Sytems where ROCKETS are going to take cargo and passengers to ORBIT. 

One of my Problems is my Exploding Dice requirement which is 1D6!/2 

I need to be able to RUN it. I need to Automate the Stellar System Creation even if it could be a TAD more realistic like GURPS Space. 

My policy would be: Don't make a system as Complicated as GURPS Spaces system generator if your not going to Automate it. Automate it and ideally Comment the shit out of it to help people Modify it. Comment it like I'm trying to explain it to me when I was 11. 

Below is using the Browser's Console to execute the Dice roller I learned from Programming with Mosh

This is the Grasshopper.app I use to test it out. My problem with the Android version is that I cannot type stuff in. It prevents me from tying up Math in Android.  I tried studying this with my Son but he got board and I need Exercises that really made me apply it to GAMES immediately. 

my google Doc of Notes on Javascript Studies

My Milestone here is to make my Stellar System Generator - a modified version of CE's World generation. Enough that I can higher a freelancer to make a more elaborate version and people can learn to code with it. 

Now that I've learned how these Editors Work I can hopefully have an easier time learning Python as well in the future. 

  1. Stellar System Generator Sheet (First it has to be Sound enough that it can be implemented as a Software, this is my experience as the IT head and Quality management System head of the company - It sounds reasonable until implemented and this is how I check if it is reasonable)
    1. Worse case scenario i can hire a freelancer to help me with the Sheet but I think I can do it all. 
  2. Write it out in GDOC
  3. Make a Ship Generator Sheet.
  4. Write it out in GDOC 
  5. Then Generate the Common Ships. 
    1. Included are basic ship assets. 
  6. Then Blender Model the 3D Assets.
  7. Nicco can polish the art and the text. 
    1. While I finally scratch that ITCH of a CE (MNEME variant) character generator I always wanted to make.  
I imagine a Simple Browser Tab open for the GM to Randomly Roll of the Many Procedural Tables in CE. 
"Oh crap I need an NPC" 
"Oh crap I need a Patron"
"Oh crap I need a Complication in Orbit" 
"Oh crap they just killed the BBG, I need another one" 
"Oh crap the side job was too easy." 
"Oh crap I have nothing prepared."

One of the things I realized is that make it EASY but have a Procedural Generator for a Complication to generate.