Saturday, November 6, 2021

Javascript Appscript for my Stellar System generator

 Sword and Cepheus Character Sheet that Links to DISCORD REDDIT.

PorterPirate sheet is the biggest progress I've had with Javascript Studies. 

Basically right now I'm trying to make Stellar System Generator because I need to populate the Sytems where ROCKETS are going to take cargo and passengers to ORBIT. 

One of my Problems is my Exploding Dice requirement which is 1D6!/2 

I need to be able to RUN it. I need to Automate the Stellar System Creation even if it could be a TAD more realistic like GURPS Space. 

My policy would be: Don't make a system as Complicated as GURPS Spaces system generator if your not going to Automate it. Automate it and ideally Comment the shit out of it to help people Modify it. Comment it like I'm trying to explain it to me when I was 11. 

Below is using the Browser's Console to execute the Dice roller I learned from Programming with Mosh

This is the I use to test it out. My problem with the Android version is that I cannot type stuff in. It prevents me from tying up Math in Android.  I tried studying this with my Son but he got board and I need Exercises that really made me apply it to GAMES immediately. 

my google Doc of Notes on Javascript Studies

My Milestone here is to make my Stellar System Generator - a modified version of CE's World generation. Enough that I can higher a freelancer to make a more elaborate version and people can learn to code with it. 

Now that I've learned how these Editors Work I can hopefully have an easier time learning Python as well in the future. 

  1. Stellar System Generator Sheet (First it has to be Sound enough that it can be implemented as a Software, this is my experience as the IT head and Quality management System head of the company - It sounds reasonable until implemented and this is how I check if it is reasonable)
    1. Worse case scenario i can hire a freelancer to help me with the Sheet but I think I can do it all. 
  2. Write it out in GDOC
  3. Make a Ship Generator Sheet.
  4. Write it out in GDOC 
  5. Then Generate the Common Ships. 
    1. Included are basic ship assets. 
  6. Then Blender Model the 3D Assets.
  7. Nicco can polish the art and the text. 
    1. While I finally scratch that ITCH of a CE (MNEME variant) character generator I always wanted to make.  
I imagine a Simple Browser Tab open for the GM to Randomly Roll of the Many Procedural Tables in CE. 
"Oh crap I need an NPC" 
"Oh crap I need a Patron"
"Oh crap I need a Complication in Orbit" 
"Oh crap they just killed the BBG, I need another one" 
"Oh crap the side job was too easy." 
"Oh crap I have nothing prepared."

One of the things I realized is that make it EASY but have a Procedural Generator for a Complication to generate. 

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