Monday, November 13, 2023

Nov 13 2023 Game in the Brain Performance To Date

  • I really have to standardize my posts into a group. one tricky group to post in is the MGT2 fb group because - surprisingly a lot of people in MGT2 buy our products. Action > standardize the formula for posts 
  • In the history of GITB - its shown that "Peddling my wares" and Posting is Key. But I dont want to make it that people will be burned out and "Turn Off" or mentally fiter me - so i want to report something relevant and actionable. 
    • Posting small improvements and benefits. 
    • Posting relevant science articles 
    • Posting Tutorials 
    • Note that I am a bore with pedantry. 
    • Posting 2x a month which I will copy to various groups. 
    • Every month MORE additional stuff in the Products. It will focus on Space Combat and World Gen but eventually, Variant Combat will follow. Particularly the Software tools. 
      • Will give the people who bought the 24 Character Cards access to the Character Gen Software. 
    • 5 sales per week of any book would be great. 
  • Current Metrics
    • 67 weeks since Mneme World Gen was launched. 1.6 sales per week. 
      •  Space Stations People can use as MAPS for games and encounters. 
      •  App (downloadable web page plus JS script) will allow for world generation offline
      • Web-3D star map file downloadable using glTF file format. Allows people to view a 3d Star map on their devices or desktop.  
    • 128 weeks for Mneme Variant Combat for 0.375 sales per week
      • Character generator app offline. > target its +0.5 per week. 
      • 3D printable Combatants for 1-inch/25mm scale. +0.5 per week. 
    • 3 weeks since Mneme Space Combat for 5.3 per week. things that will boost sales. I believe it will be around same performance as World Generator at 1/wk
      • More Ships and more Asset models., about 2 in a month.  if we can keep this up we will maintain at least 1/week. 
      •  Animation Sequences people will want to create for their Game. helps me advertise but unlikely to stick.