Wednesday, November 1, 2023

How to fit all these tasks? Procrastrination or Caution?

 The tasks for Game in the Brain: Mneme is plenty. Of course now that a large hurdle has been overcome: releasing a book - I can focus on smaller projects that incrementally increase the value of the book. The book is 50% off right now, its value is comparable to the 20usd compared to all the other things out there that give such tools. Especially when you factor the automation and the access to editable assets - the tools mean that someon can easily BUILD over the work. 

Work and Home is plenty with a lot of repairs - I have a leaking aircon that was just serviced 3 weeks ago (probably the slime clog was not properly fixed since all the insulation is intact), then there are the work problems - particularly NETWORK - create the overlapping VLANs - allowing a downstream sub-network access PCs of a upstream subnetwork (NAT) with PFsense. Oh then there is the Project Sponsorship to have someone assigned in being a Project Coordinator to a data center expansion in time for Jan - with barely any funds to hire a Project Manager or Coordinator. I have to do it with Students and our professionals only reviewing and giving their feedback - Interpretting the Data and formulating the Next Actions and Technical approaches will be up to me. 

But it is in my Personal Projects with Game in the Brain that I get to study Github, VS codium, Blender, and my personal Home projects where I use FreeCAD, Networking, VMs, Containers/Dockers, and Dynamic DNS and Hosting my WIKI and Projects. I found someone who I can hire to help me set up a dedicated Website for Game in the will be where I will test out self hosting, NextCloud and have the entire infrastructure of my Side business ideally in Containers that Can be easily replicated using a container-hub in another machine. GITB allows me to R&D - which later on I teach students. 

I’m gonna ask my mom if I can borrow the 3d Printer at work to prototype the 3D printed products and will hire my students to prototype the Spaceship models and the Combat Caracters (For Mneme Variant Combat).  Mneme Variant Combat will have Minuature Figs for Army, Marines, Barbarians, Drifters, Rogues, and the combat Careers in Cepheus Engine. Complimentary will be the CE Character Gen Github I’m working on - people can generate NPCs quickly - for that 10usd and of course CE SRD and basic stuff - you can print out of use rendered Tokens of soldiers for combat scenarios. 

One of the Scenarios you can use in Mneme Variant Combat is fully utilizing the Superiority mechanics  to manage SQUADS or Platoons - and have a session where the attrition is not in HP but in casualities. You can have a Town, Habitat, Mine, Lab, a Base, or Fortress being inflitrated by a Platoon or Company - each PC has special leadership charactersitics that make their Squad or Platoon operate differently: assaults, scouts, support, and special. 

Once these Modules are set up in Mneme Variant Combat, I will raise it to 20usd (with a temp discount fo 10usd) so that early investors get rewarded and the New people who got into it know the value of the product is much higher as compared to others. 

GITB has a recurring goal of: Run the Game Conveniently - dont get too invested with the details, but provide the details that take work to make and let the dice fall where they may. the details that are created can be discarded when convenient or can be used. Thats the funny thing about TRPGs - details help with immersion but we have to choose or discard these as we see fit.    The more invested we are in the details, the more we force it to work - instead of looking at the game at a Higher altitude and make sense of the bigger picture. 

Will there be enough people who will like the product? I’ll know from the marathon of Plugging my products every month and posting about new features. I guess after 1 year of posting a lot - will i realize if people like this Software + Book + 3d Asset approach. This is exactly like my Graduating Project in College: A game I wrote, I drew, I layouted, and Printed and Sold. Wearing all the hats: pretty much the set up of all the many Indie gamers - a cheap ass set up with a lot of compromises that is net better than the alternative for a small niche. 

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