Monday, November 20, 2023

CE Character gen Update and Others.

 Here is the Link to the Latest Version of the CE Character Gen


  1. Service Skills. The main problem was the Service capitalization. I assumed it was Navy when it was really navy. Anyway it’s all fixed - and now the navy, marines, army, scouts, and merchants all have their starting skills. 
    1. Learning how Skills are added and Worked in the JS. 
    2. Learning to understand how the entire script work in chunks. How t is an object that collected all these strings of data - and how it loops as it processes a Career. 
  2. Mishaps. The main problem with the mishap was knowing where to place the script. A lot of trial and error because there is the Theory and of course there is the actual details I dont know since I’m just a hobbyist. 
  3. No Death. This took a while to figure out and is one of the earliest major progresses. To remove death but make the character END the service. 
I was juggling studying Containers, Port Forwarding, and DDNS just today. I got cloudflare DDNS to work partially. Symbols are all green it’s just that it doesnt work. A lot of things depend on this - my Wiki, Migrating to my Own Host - hosting the Websites at home, NextCloud set up at home, 

Understanding how Cloudflare works and Containers and JS at the same day is fulfilling but at the same time disheartening that I dont know if I can squeeze in some more study time this week. 

Talked students for Freelance Work.
I’m getting a quote to make the models ready for 30mm 3d printing. 
Having a quote for my tutorials improved by someone who is not mired with my mental overhead.  Making my tutorials and tools more accessible hopefully will bring in sales - i doubt it. 

I’ve only sold 100 World Gen. 15 Space Combat. I think market penetration is at its limit, unless I improve accessibility. 

the Electronic Tools, while basic, should impact game prep and the ability to prepare material for a game. 

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