Saturday, November 11, 2023

earnings update December and January

Earnings from November will be issued by dtrpg by jan 1, which let's me afford the help for 4 more ships. Of course since I also work on these ships my costs are not factored in the savings. 

If we earn more I can afford to hire one of my OJTs to help me with the character generator JS for the people who bought mneme variant combat. 

If we earn even more I can hire more of my OJTs to help me with the 3d printing for ships, space stations and combat miniatures. 1inch or 25mm scale. 

I need to warn about +400usd per month to be able to hire someone per month to part time this. Thankfully Philippine taxes won't tax me until I make over 5,000 usd in a year for this.

Space stations collection - the spin gravity stations nicco and I will make will be included in the World Generator. A geometry node to make Mega stations - stations of 1M dtons will be important. World generator will need a material that will simulate city lights eventually and something to detail the maps. 

I wonder if we can run the maps generated through the AI to make more realistic terrain?

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