Sunday, November 5, 2023

How many Ships in a System… Human Development Index

Dalle generated this when i asked it to create an image based on my article

When we Jump into a System, or even before that - we look at the Context “How many ships are here? “ 

 These should depend on the following factors (typically measured by a governing body or large sponsors of trade and available to the  PC)

How much Trade?  Which is determined by The Size of the Economy and its Needs (What does it trade with and for. The Size of the Economy - measured in GDP, abstracted for the game, is based on the Key indicators of  HDI, Population, and Technology Level. The size of the economy determines Gov’t size, Size of the largest Entities and Organizations. Note that in Mneme World Generator has a d66 Cultural Table that throws a curveball to Economic Aspects - a bit of Weirdness and Irrationality or Hyper-rationality.  

 In Mneme World Generator and the World building tools looks at Human Development Index to understand the human condition. Just because people have a good HDI it doesnt mean people are Happy - Development means there is a Problem that needs solving - a group of people (that can be the majority or minority) that is underserved. The Philippines has pretty low HDI but always reports as “Happy” which is a frustration for me and something I understand as a Filipino. Happy to survive? Happy with the unfair status quo? Happy because we have no responsibility in building the future or fixing injustice? Happy cause we benefit off injustice? 

I wonder why HDI is not covered in Games much, but when I think of Social Status - I think of HDI as an essential measure - the way a Numerator needs a Divisor for context. HDI is a usuful measure - and the HDI of the PRESENT day world helps put context to what society we are looking at - as well as Economy. 

Development is in the metric of HDI - It can come to represent Change. and With Scarcity being ever present then an unchanging, relative to others, is something to measure - and its context is to be used to look at the world and our circumstance and those of others. 

In a Fantasy Medieval World or in the Worlds with Clones or Artificially born sepient slaves: What is their HDI like? Or Anarchist egaletarian communes, or Coprorate Distopian Megacities? How much education and opportunities come into their life, how stable are the various stages of their life, and how much of people who make the “best choices” society expects, still come up short. Then the outliers, how much are the PCs outliers and how relevant are they in the settings history and narrrative? Do they shape the narrative of a society or theirs is a story just for them? 

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