Friday, November 17, 2023

Challenges of a Detailed Lifepod and Passenger Modules of 1DT.

 Giants need not apply. 

at 2.15 meters vertical clearance characters who have Giagantism are going to have a hard time fitting in some ships without always stooping over. 
This is a 2.15m height with the longest dimension being 2.9m and a width of around 2.15m as well. You will notice a 0.6m aisle for walking and there will be doors on these Aisles so these modules can be connected end to end. 

These modular passanger seats allows for quick conversions. Trade Laws and Standard allow the quick sale transfers of these Modules. Ports that are part of these trade standards will trade these modules for credit and will keep a mimum stock of these modules as well. 

A Morbid thought is that these modules compartmentalize life support. preveting the entire seating area to be lost in an accident or damage. In game mechanics I can pretty much give it a 1HP in Mneme Space Combat mechanics. so a 10DT passenger seating is 10 units and taking 4 damage means 4 units are compromised. I keep thinking if my family were with me on a trip we would be in this module. 

Selling Seats per module. Modules can be used to sell seats. Instead of paying per seat, just pay per 1D module. 

I will be redesigning the Life Pod now that I learned a bit of how to make Drivers and Armature so that Doors can be opened and Closed as well as Transforming Materials. I will have a DRIVER that will make the walls transparent for viewing. 

Imagine 4DT per stateroom with the actual space for sleeping and toilet is 1DT. Thats about 6sqm (~60sqft ) per 1DT assuming a 2.1m height or 7ft clearance. 

In the Mneme Version of Ship and Vehicle Creation (I will consolidate them and use Cubic Meters. Including Mechs ) -  you will focus on the Equipment and how much Moving around space would you give the People working there. 

Progress on CE Character Gen Javascript Website. 
1) learning a lot of about branching and forking and workflow. I had to reset back to MAIN and created 2 branches. 
2) I learned not to upload my changes from VSCODIUM until Ive had a night to sleep on it and check if it works. 
3) I’m trying to remove DEATH and replace it with: Mustering Out, Drifter or Draft outcome. 
I will make a player decision roll, deciding to Re-enlist, Drifter or Draft. Just like the Quick Fix in the character Creation of the SRD. 

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