Friday, November 10, 2023

OpenAI and 130k Tokens from 32k tokens: GPT4 Turbo

I am fortunate I live in the age of AI, and despite being from a developing world country can afford the subscription of OpenAI. It’s really powerful, editing my books will be much easier - particularly as I quiz the AI about how clear I convey a mechanic or a system. Learning programming is much easier since I can ask the annoying amount of questions I tend to ask. 

I dont know how to make money with the Software I will make for Game in the Brain Mneme Cepheus Engine, except creating a zip file of the files and giving instructions how to run the index.html. I plan to make a Private Branch, since I’m not someone who can guarantee support. I right now have access to a few Students who are looking for a side gig who can probably make Mneme World Generator in Dynamic HTML tables in javascript. That’s something I can delegate - since system generation is not as interactive as Character Generation. 

While I am making the HTML, css, and JS character generator - and the array of 3D printable characters for Mneme Variant Combat - I wonder if I can make Mneme Ship Generator in Blender or Godot. My understanding of geometry nodes is improving - its just that as I’m approaching my goal I tend to learn a lot about it and if you’ve seen my Track record I make an MVP that will lead incrementally to a more ambitious outcome. 

I had to make Mneme Space Combat before I have a chance to make this sellable. A foundation of compatible tools so that people can transition to Hard-Sci-Fi easily

Mneme Space Combat will evolve to a Ship Generator Game, for download and running on various platforms (Since GODOT allows for phone, desktop etc..). An ENVIRONMENT system is a milestone to FUND - where people can drive their ships around a star system. The Environment system will import Mneme World Generator Information to generate a System. Mneme Variant Combat is the Character Engine - where PCs are managed, at first in a 3D sandbox. 

The strategic GOAL behind CC-BY-SA is that enough Assets will be created that this Augmented reality Game engine can be used to play (10 years from now). If you know my IT projects - and my Open Repair slant you will learn that if Possible we will make this Localy run: meaning buyers can choose whose servers run the game - Linode, Azure, Google etc… that way if they are like me, in the Philippines playing with someone in the USA - we can select a server with lower latency. No Lock-in. 

Roblox for Adults lolz. but radically Open Source. If I had a platform - I will take notes from STEAM and limit my scope to convenience of experience to allow winners - low barrier for entry BUT the winners are the most convenient and best user experience. 

At work - I have open source projects teaching students and clients how to be self sufficient and in my Gaming hobby with Creative Common products - allowing clients to be self sufficient and even come out with their own books and materials.   


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