Monday, October 30, 2023

MNEME SPACE COMBAT, a good start to a marathon and time to study.

Have had some Rest. 

  • Had my Executive Checkup - ok for my age. 
  • Had my wisdom tooth removed partial success, we settled with just the crown because I was too old for the root to be removed... which is actually the recommendation for guys my age. 
  • I'm on antibiotics, all of us with a cough, as a wave has hit most people around us (including us). 

To date 9 people bought 

Note I'm still in the hole, paying for the blender modeling and art. We had some serious rework of the design.
This is the breakdown of World Gen Sales.


BLUE: is earnings (after DTRPG gets its 35% Cut)
RED is the UNITS sold. 

WEEKS chart.

  • The most I've sold in a week is 29 copies of Mneme World Generator - I dont know if Mneme Space Combat will beat that metric. I'll be good if 10 is sold because when Mneme world Generator was first launched it was at 5usd, 10usd per unit - given how Demand vs Supply curves work - Mneme Space Combat would need to be way more superior in its ability to capture the market. 
  • You will notice there is no "Endurance" as Once I've made a world and all the planets - there is not much value to people. Sure I automated one of the most tedius tasks and made it way more realistic but "Who cares?" how many Referees and World builders look at DTRPG and ask: I want to proceedurally generate a world? I'm sure its less than a hundred (Mneme World Generator is up to 96 sales as of today). Unlike Mneme Space Combat as I detail ships with Ship-Maps, Tables of Stats, Scenarios, 3D Models etc...  I can run a marathon every month: starting Jan producing these items. I HOPE that I can push the purchases per week to within 20-50% of my best week when I release Add-ons. if you look closely at WEEK after the initial Push i could barely climb back to 7 or 24% of our best week. if I can have a week that has 50% or 5 people buying Mneme Space Combat once a Month - it would be better than the performance of Mneme World Generator. 52 weeks or 12 months of pushing this x 5 would be at least at Copper.  

The youtube Videos 

Learning to use GITHUB and continuing my Javascript Studies. 
I took pgorman's' Classic Traveller Character Generator and started to learn to tweak it 

I had to copy it instead of branch or fork it since I didnt want to accidentally break his version and i'm going a different direction with Cepheus Engine. Here is the current minor tweaks I made ( 

TO DO LIST: make CE More ACCESSIBLE. make sure people who get into the hobby dont need to memorize a whole lot of things. 

  1. Change the stats from the CODE to something more verbose - strXX(+X) (converts the stats back to something more reasonable). 
  2. Option to Roll Any Career vs Combat Careers. 
  3. 1 Career at a time, slowly update the tables. Starting with the Combat Careers. This is going to take pretty long. ?I dont know how long this will take? 
  4. COMPLIMENTARY script Tools: 
    1. Instant CREW - randomly generated and their current Disposition (Dysfunctional or with with good professional morale).
    2. NPC encountered and PLOTS in space encounters. 
    3. Passengers and backstories, and hooks. 
  5. >> BRANCH for MNEME character generator.   
    1. DND like stats: str, dex, end, int, wis, cha + SOC and PSI. 
    2. Stats are 5 to 15, but median is still 6-8. 
    3. Mneme Combat Equipment - best when using Mneme Variant Combat - which allows combat across many tech levels. 
    4. TL Range - allowing for Low Tech Characters and Careers. 
 I figured out what will make Mneme Variant Combat work. To have the success elements that made Mneme World Gen and Space Combat work: 3d printable miniatures of combatants made by me and nicco, the software to make the stats of these combatants, the tokens, the combat maps, the scenario generator, the SOLO Play elements aided by our software tools. 

Blender, Some programming, Spreadsheets, and a Wargaming and Hard Scifi background making Cepheus engine materials. With Open source this is possible, even if the Niche is really tiny. Hopefully, people can find the material enjoyable. 

The marathon is the obvious Strategy that we will keep adding improvements and value to our 3 books: Personal Combat, Space Combat, and World Generation. We hope to reach Silver and the break-even point of Gold. Wow imagine a book that was made pretty much at cost 😂 anyway I cant quit my main job anyway.

Game in the Brain is not as pretty since we focus on the technical aspects: Modeling, Scripts, and Editing. Its too niche - as we are slowly making our way to Hard Scifi and making it accessible. Its a two man operation of people who are juggling a lot of things. I have to say that at least I accomplished my dream to write Scifi + TRPGs and help some people out along the way.

I teach students and we started up a small Arduino and Maker section (3 students in partnership with National university) - my personal life experience is that people with the same interests are too rare and too weird.  I shouldn't be surprised- at the same time - how weird would it be if your Cepheus Engine game writer dabbled in all of this, and did all this tech stuff professionally.