Thursday, October 19, 2023

Home stretch - Mneme Space Combat Rules Finished the Video. 
Flawed but given the time constraints and having done 4+ attempts this is the best I can do given my full time work schedule. 

Remaining are

1) Clean up the Ships - formatted so its easier to read and put them in the book Plus a Clean Spreadsheet since this will be part of the products. 

2) Art from @Mawf  on the book. New Cover and the corrected Map Ranges. 

3) Zip up the Blender, PNG, and PPT files (we used ppt for the editable files). 

4) Table of Contents for the PDF. 

5) Create the DrivethruRPG entry and upload it for the PWYW (rules only with Trader's Map) and the 10usd (discounted from 20usd). 

6) Wait for the DTRPG to approve it. 


While I said it would be 10usd, that is the initial price. Given how much work it took. to recoup that cost after the intial marketing and discount period, it will be 20usd. I will email all the buyers of the previous books a discount to get it at 10usd anyway.  

I hope that people like that i can hire an assistant. 


  1. Harder Scifi Version of the rules that use Only Delta-V Budget!!! New Ships that are Thrust Oriented, Spin Grav Habitats on planet (Bowl Shaped spin Grav on Low G worlds like the moon ), and Flesh out Mneme s Default Hard Scifi Setting. 
  2. I've been playing Mech Warrior Online with my team, and fixing the Vehicle Rules so that it can be used for Mecha Combat would be fun. Same deliverables as the Space Combat - mech models, procedurally generated combat terrain, mechs using CE Vehicle Builder rules, etc... 

If I had the resources (Time and Attention):  
GODOT or Blender app (blender can export to stand-alone dedicated app) Ship generator. 
Create a Character Generator program. 

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