Thursday, October 12, 2023

Preview and Update: October 11 2023


  • Had a major Re-write. Ranges are tricky and rewriting it is hard when it's a system and everything affects everything - and I have to hunt down the various mentions. I'm learning a lot Playtesting the mechanics - like a war gamer. 
    • Script of the Sample Encounter: Sample encounters help see how all the rules work. Inspired by Somali Pirate encounters.  
    • Reading the Script and Recording it in Roll20 with OBS.  
    • Uploading it in Youtube and Editing it. 
    • Finalizing the Book: 
      • Removing my Notes
      • Updating the ART 
      • Adding the Formatted, easier-to-read stats of CE SRD ships. 
      • Exporting it into PDF and then uploading the Table of Contents. 
      • Uploading it to the AI for proof reading - asking it questions to explain certain mechanics. (this is happening through the entire editing of this book). 
    • ZIP all the Power Point Files of the Ships
    • Clean up the Ship Building Spreadsheet for presentation 
    • ZIP all the Blender Models of the Ships
    • Upload them in Drivethru RPG... 
  • Ive been working on this more than Mneme World Generator and I wonder if 3rd time is the Charm. Anyway I plan to continuously Add more ships and update it until All the ships in the CE SRD are built. I hope I exceed World Generators with Silver with this book. 
  • I don't know if people want a book that gives you the Editable Files, Blender Files, Spreadsheet that helps build more ships in CE RAW, that can be used in many CE Settings.  

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