Sunday, December 31, 2023

2024 plans for Game in the Brain

Unfortunately Mneme Space combat is not doing well, selling pretty poorly despite being - by benchmarks of similar products - products with 3d models, rules, words, and, supporting video.

Well I have to adapt, Mneme world generator I noticed did very well. Space combat seems to be tertiary - and not a pain point it seems.

Anyway I'll still be producing the hard scifi plug in and rules - and hope to launch my realistic ships. I have to limit my resources - so I'll top up to the be able to include reaction drive ships similar to the Buran Energia or it's more modern equivalent the SPACE x starship with booster. Basically 2050-2070 reusable orbiters. 

For space combat 
- habitat + tender 
- reaction drives and Delta-v based space. 
- hard scifi ships - orbiters. 
X: deferred if sales pick up, fingers crossed. 
X - hard scifi space combat 
X - Mneme SHIP design : rules first. Then javascript browser based tools, and if i make at least make silver - which translates to 500usd or a sale of about 100 units over the 20, then I can afford to get a entry level contractor for this. 

I'll be Pivoting to something more popular - I hope -

1) I'll be commissioning one of my OJTs for freelance and creating a javascript app that runs on a browser for Mneme world generator.

Nicco research will be for Godot to allow these star systems can be viewed in 3d like the Rpg engine. 

I'll public the Github repository if I at least break even. After Gold. 

2) I'll have a Seperate team work on a RAW CE character generator same javascript browser able to run on the phone, tablet or desktop.

First the random chacter generator, then the browser where you can customize the character. 

But the goal is introducing Mnemes character generator. I'll be developing and upgrading Mneme Variant Combat into Personal Combat that includes - character creation, skills, and equipment.

This will include default characters for encounters, and 3d printable models of combatants 25mm scale. 

It's going to be a lot of money advancing for this, but I want the pride of saying I made the game something I believe is how it should be done unfortunately without marketing to tell people that will be hard. 

This is where I'll introduce vehicle combat and mecha combat. If the experiment works. 

I admit I get shy and don't post as much as the other creators.

Other goals 
1) once I get the encounter table tools for space combat I won't make as much space ships but I hope the algorithm will pick up on the same combats I plan to make 10 or twice a month.  

2) I will make sample sessions of using the products - like World Generator and given my limited time it will be World generator + Personal Combat 2x a month (1/mo each). 

I hope I hit a stride. 

Friday, December 8, 2023

GITB Philipine Holiday but Still working

First I need a Website To Point to. This is a Mediawiki Container. 
It takes an entire day to learn for me. 

Then After this I can learn 
this is so that I can locally host this wiki, mastadon, nextcloud and various other tools like wordpress for the websites and various experiments. 

I needed something for my Gateway (the Virtual Privae Server in Google to point to). 

This is really hard, and even with the AI helping. 


Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Mechs - Mneme Variant Combat Additional rules.

Mecha is part of the Vehicle Combat rules and an expansion of Personal Combat rules - AKA - it’s how I plan to add value and Sales to Mneme Variant Combat.

So my Airsoft Team, Combat Team Omega (CTO), are regular players of Mechwarrior Online (despite the server issues this Nov and Dec). We have a Channel Tier5 Mech Warrior Player and its a way my team and I can play together with our degraded reflexes and the terrible ping (250-300ms) as we are in ETC and GMT+8 (12 hours difference). 

I get frustrated by some problems with Mechwarrior mecha - like the 

1) slots in a mech regardless of Size, 

2) That smaller weapons have the same penetration than larger weapons. That a group of small lasers do better than a Large Lasers.  3 small lasers is 11.25dmg at 160m 1.5 tons vs 1 large laser at 5Tons and 9dmg at 480m

3) there is no Melee and Physical Actions - like stomping, kicking, bull-rushing, etc… only recently they added Shields to the Onyx which was pretty cool and fun. 

4) The game system punishes support mechs like Tagger, NARCer etc.. 

5) the ranges can ruin immersion as engagements are up to 1km.

Why Mech Combat will be fun in a Scifi Game:

1) much heavier power armors and vehicles. And they overcome terrain problems with legs and arms - able to climb, jump and scale. 

2) An increase of Scale and Stakes - In Cepheus Engine, spending 1DT a power armor and 4 to 20DT for mecha. All terrain, environmentally enhanced combat armor. If I raise the realism of how leathal space is and how much hardware is needed to keep a Vehicle operator alive - then Combat Space Suit become much bigger - and that Mechs will be the scale of some of the combat.

How it will work: 

There will be Mech Frames- these frames are the bodies and the power rating of the Engine. A bigger, more massive engine - a higher engine to frame ratio - the heavier the frame. In Mech Warrior - this is kind of out of whack.

its like Equipping a human - you add stuff to it: Armor, Weapons, and equipment. 

You can buy frames with better Performance from standard. Frames come in Bipedial, there are Carcinisation options as well. the biomechanics of different frame designs will have some strengths and weaknesses.

 As a design goal - is a lot of Armor for the Pilot or Pilots, and the ability to take a lot of damage as compared to a vehicle. Also that its basically a vehicle that doesnt require Reaction mass. 



I really believe in my Proto-Pathfinder (because I didnt learn pathfinder yet when I realized the convergent evolution of the systems) take on the 3 Action economy of Mneme Variant Combat.  I'll improve on it from my lessons learned with Pathfinder 2e. The mecha combat and the scenarios will be great in a Toy and Minis since i can 3d print them and buyers can 3d print the mechs and modelled soldiers for 25mm/1inch scale.

Travelers with MECHA, and space combat like the Expanse/Nebulous Fleet Command. You have point defense, reactive armor (armor that EXPLODES to stop shaped charges), and various other real world inspiration. Players and the Referee may like how we make these harder scifi combat more accessible and can draw inspiration in technical read outs of current military hardware. 


Monday, December 4, 2023

Problem Solving - Adventure

Problem Solving is one of my inspirations for Games. The stakes are high and so is the stress, but when we succeed the payoff feels great. I like the Scifi that draws inspiration from the NASA projects as well as many other practical engineering real world projects. Eliyahu Goldratt taught his Theory of Constraints as a Narrative Fiction - of a company in Dire straits - and the living history of the Space Program is also a great source of inspiration. 

One of the reasons I went into harder scifi is because I love exercising the concepts in the safety of a game. I was free to fail in a game and try again. 

So I found Dustin’s talk about NASA very important and inspiring because this critical thinking is unlike a ROLL, its us coming into the problem which is the main conflict of the story. The friction that raises the stakes and engagement of the players. if the facts and the limitations doesnt get absorbed and concrete to the person - then they have no engagement and will not enjoy the payoff of figuring out the problem. 

I wont spoil the really bad problem he highlights. But yeah that is where the DO-ers start thinking and start working to figure out the solution with the finite amount of time. This is where the montage of hard work, or rolls the PCs make to get ready before the big show down. 

Sunday, December 3, 2023

Dec 3 2023 Character Gen Progress

Initially, I thought there was a function referencing the target number for the survival check. However, I was mistaken; there are actually two sets of functions that determine whether the survival check is successful or not.

It seems that the third set of scripts related to survival is the one that works as intended. This particular set triggers the Mishap Table. To make this clearer, I should include the mishap table entry result.

In the mishap branch of the code, I plan to force a failed survival roll by setting the target numbers to 13. I realized that my previous assumption was incorrect since some characters can be exceptionally lucky, and a target number of 15 might be more appropriate, considering there is a maximum 2-dice modifier.

Here's the breakdown of the steps I intend to take:

Step 1: Force characters to fail the survival roll and gain a better understanding of how the survival checks work.

Step 2: Verify if the mishap table is functioning correctly. Enhance clarity by including the roll result in the verbose output.

Step 3: If the mishap table functions as expected, proceed to examine the results and effects of mishaps. Determine if they affect the benefits, as some benefits may be lost. Investigate how to remove benefits in case of a bad mishap.

Step 4: Create an Injury table. Test if the Mishap Table triggers the injury table by commenting out (disabling) the other mishaps. Essentially, disable the other random variables to better test the remaining ones.

Step 5: Once mishaps and injuries penalize character stats and benefits as intended, move on to medical care. Consider implementing a standardized cost of 5k credits per lost stat, with the option to raise stats to a minimum of 5 from 0 or less if the stat has ever decreased. Additionally, provide output notes regarding cyber-prosthetics.

In the Mneme Character generation, I'll customize medical care based on the character's status to ensure a more realistic and immersive experience. But as Rules-As-Written and expediency - just raises stats to 5 or 6.

the number of careers that had mishaps


Friday, December 1, 2023

Small Craft 10, 20, 30, 50, 70, and 95DT with switchblade Wings

The new file in your Mneme Space Combat would be 231201 Small Craft 02.blend - part of a continuing set of Models and Ships with stats you can use for your games as they are all Creative Commons Share Alike and Attribute. You wont get Ships this generous - to follow is nicco making the 2D maps from the same files using Power Point (which everyone has and can edit) and you can customize for your games. 

So nicco and I meet 2x a week on the progress of the ships. 

  1. the Files Ballooned into 2.4GB in size.  causing both our PCs to crash. 
  2. So i did an analysis and researched how to fix it. So we are now using Instancing. Instancing in blender is making a using Add > Instance. which takes a collection (group of objects) and  projects it into the space, without creating any new data. from 2.4GB its now just 0.5GB. What also helped was the new chair i modeled which was simpler in design.  
    1. the November Chair (the chair I made in nov) is 1/3 in faces and vertices. 
    2. Also if you've seen the animation I've made for it, 

damn, so from 2.4GB, to 0.55GB, and now 0.12GB. You really need someone who is doing the technical stuff, or else the creative gets bottlenecked. I hope I can train one of my OJTs for this. I dont know if they are inclined to learn Blender3d and 3d Printing. I put my odds at 1/10. 

Left is the chair I made, the right is a free asset we found. 
It helps I'm from the furniture biz, these kinds of chairs are something I would have an Industrial Design team create with FREECAD and open source it - I think our manufacturing plant can make it. The goal would be a reconfigurable chair for airplanes seating - the problem is to have something that strong would mean really thick and thus heavy guage of steel - like the Levitation Street Performer

You need something so strong that it would barely bend - and light, aluminum or very thin steel with graphene. 
if my various IT projects find clients and make money - with probably the cost of these components and the schools I partner with I could probably have a section of our manufacturing plant pull this off for applications in furniture. Dreams. 

Here is a View of the Interiors. 

6 seats per passenger seating. x3 x5 = 90. 90 x2 180 seats. + 6x4 = 114 seats. 

8 standard seating x 3 = 24 standard seats. 





The reason why I believe Creative Commons works for Game in the brain is that confidence in our abilities - and that we can always improve and that its worth investing in us because we are always improving and growing.  So the people who invested in our products will have something to look forward to. Anyway CE is Open Gaming - it gave us this opportunity. 

Monday, November 20, 2023

CE Character gen Update and Others.

 Here is the Link to the Latest Version of the CE Character Gen


  1. Service Skills. The main problem was the Service capitalization. I assumed it was Navy when it was really navy. Anyway it’s all fixed - and now the navy, marines, army, scouts, and merchants all have their starting skills. 
    1. Learning how Skills are added and Worked in the JS. 
    2. Learning to understand how the entire script work in chunks. How t is an object that collected all these strings of data - and how it loops as it processes a Career. 
  2. Mishaps. The main problem with the mishap was knowing where to place the script. A lot of trial and error because there is the Theory and of course there is the actual details I dont know since I’m just a hobbyist. 
  3. No Death. This took a while to figure out and is one of the earliest major progresses. To remove death but make the character END the service. 
I was juggling studying Containers, Port Forwarding, and DDNS just today. I got cloudflare DDNS to work partially. Symbols are all green it’s just that it doesnt work. A lot of things depend on this - my Wiki, Migrating to my Own Host - hosting the Websites at home, NextCloud set up at home, 

Understanding how Cloudflare works and Containers and JS at the same day is fulfilling but at the same time disheartening that I dont know if I can squeeze in some more study time this week. 

Talked students for Freelance Work.
I’m getting a quote to make the models ready for 30mm 3d printing. 
Having a quote for my tutorials improved by someone who is not mired with my mental overhead.  Making my tutorials and tools more accessible hopefully will bring in sales - i doubt it. 

I’ve only sold 100 World Gen. 15 Space Combat. I think market penetration is at its limit, unless I improve accessibility. 

the Electronic Tools, while basic, should impact game prep and the ability to prepare material for a game. 

Saturday, November 18, 2023

CE character gen notes is the github link

The link to the current version of the character gen

This is how I understand how the JS. 

Open the .JS to access the JS script. 

I’ve kept it mostly intact except for the changes. 

So Line 1 o 52 are the notes. 

Line 1127 //------------ "t" object holds Traveller character definitions ------------//

Is the core process that builds the character. It references the Variables you set above it. As the comment states you will see the t or t.attributes etc… which tells  what will be stored in t. 

You will see it begin with var t = {}; 
the red var is the variable with an = which means it is being defined. you can see it begin to start all these values. t.cheat 
when you see a ; this is leads to the next line. You know its the end with its the closing curly bracket }.
So if I want to change the Workflow of how this Script resolves, I will have to modify this Object Holding script. This is because in order to have contents or stats, this triggers some functions.  

if I want the stats to be rolled differently, I will edit this script

t.attributes = {
    strength: roll(2),
    dexterity: roll(2),
    endurance: roll(2),
    intelligence: roll(2),
    education: roll(2),
    social: roll(2),

if I want it to be roll 3d6 but keep highest 2d6 i will need to edit this. 
I have to define t.attributeDM (attribute dice modifiers). My problem is that I have to replicate the Attribute Increase script for AttributeDM increase. 

here are the skills. In CE there are starting skills from your Education = 3 plus EduDM (education dice modifier) and an array of skills to draw from. I have to make a script for that. Then there will a t.homeworld background I will need to create. 

A challengee is the Determine Service Function (t.determineService). I would be doing my Physical-Therapy or Run and wondering how I will organize this. The problems are: 
there is 0 Skill level. Which I need to analyze how to implement. 
then how do I make it, that on your first term you get Starting Service skills at 0. 
And then proceeding will be rolling randomly in the Service Skill table. 

its this logic I dont undestand yet. And even if I think I understand I have to test with experiments. So JS CODIUM its faster to test than doing it in Github which has a 2-3 minutes before the script will reflect in the Website. On my desktop as soon as I save and refresh index.html?history=verbose page on my browser the changes will reflect. 

Dont worry I will add my own Comments and in the Readme I will probably copy paste these notes. This way the AI can help dablers in scripts. 

I’m excited to fixing the CE Char gen and bundling it in my Mneme Variant Combat. Scarily thats 24 Careers that needs to be encoded. Even with AI thats still going to take a lot of time.  

The language is different in CE where we use Careers and a Massive Find Replace action to replace all Service and service in the entire document. 
Then Attributes and attributes will be replaced with Characteristic and characteristic. 

The deceased condition, I’m trying to understand the function that says failing a survival is decesased 

This is a fun distraction from work. The thing about a new skill is that it feels like i’m moving because in a few minutes something new is made. Of course No one aske “can you automate the CE character gen” - well World Generator no one asked - “Can you automate World Gen” lolz. 

Friday, November 17, 2023

Challenges of a Detailed Lifepod and Passenger Modules of 1DT.

 Giants need not apply. 

at 2.15 meters vertical clearance characters who have Giagantism are going to have a hard time fitting in some ships without always stooping over. 
This is a 2.15m height with the longest dimension being 2.9m and a width of around 2.15m as well. You will notice a 0.6m aisle for walking and there will be doors on these Aisles so these modules can be connected end to end. 

These modular passanger seats allows for quick conversions. Trade Laws and Standard allow the quick sale transfers of these Modules. Ports that are part of these trade standards will trade these modules for credit and will keep a mimum stock of these modules as well. 

A Morbid thought is that these modules compartmentalize life support. preveting the entire seating area to be lost in an accident or damage. In game mechanics I can pretty much give it a 1HP in Mneme Space Combat mechanics. so a 10DT passenger seating is 10 units and taking 4 damage means 4 units are compromised. I keep thinking if my family were with me on a trip we would be in this module. 

Selling Seats per module. Modules can be used to sell seats. Instead of paying per seat, just pay per 1D module. 

I will be redesigning the Life Pod now that I learned a bit of how to make Drivers and Armature so that Doors can be opened and Closed as well as Transforming Materials. I will have a DRIVER that will make the walls transparent for viewing. 

Imagine 4DT per stateroom with the actual space for sleeping and toilet is 1DT. Thats about 6sqm (~60sqft ) per 1DT assuming a 2.1m height or 7ft clearance. 

In the Mneme Version of Ship and Vehicle Creation (I will consolidate them and use Cubic Meters. Including Mechs ) -  you will focus on the Equipment and how much Moving around space would you give the People working there. 

Progress on CE Character Gen Javascript Website. 
1) learning a lot of about branching and forking and workflow. I had to reset back to MAIN and created 2 branches. 
2) I learned not to upload my changes from VSCODIUM until Ive had a night to sleep on it and check if it works. 
3) I’m trying to remove DEATH and replace it with: Mustering Out, Drifter or Draft outcome. 
I will make a player decision roll, deciding to Re-enlist, Drifter or Draft. Just like the Quick Fix in the character Creation of the SRD. 

Thursday, November 16, 2023

Progress in the CE Character gen - More verbose for easy feedback.

 Progress in the CE Character gen (based on Pgorman's Classic Traveller character gen)

Link to the Character gen

  • figured out how to have instant feedback with VSCODIUM
  • slowly figuring out how his Character Gen Works and what the functions are for
    • You will notice I made Verbose very Verbose. so that its easy to follow what the roll did and easy to check if I made a mistake. Slowly this will use the Attribute DM instead of the if statements of Classic Traveller. 
    • I played around with NAVY since it was the most accessible. So right now it only does navy. When I understand how it all works I can proceed to BARBARIAN - 
    • A problem is that Background is an event that happens before Careers are rolled. 
    • Random World Roll. 

    • 6 careers will be: Barbarian, Drifter, Marine, Mercenary, Rogue, and Army + Background. Once I figure this all out, I can hire one of my OJTS to help in this project since I can now teach him how I want it improved. That means the 18 other careers can be given to my freelancer.  
    • Once the 6 combat carers can be made I'll promote Variant Combat rules with Character Generator. 
    • Next is the Scenario Generator which is more complex, while I slowly upload all the careers.  
    • Will people want to spend money on Variant Combat rules thinking: "Lets have Characters duke it out in a randomly generated scenario".  

Monday, November 13, 2023

Nov 13 2023 Game in the Brain Performance To Date

  • I really have to standardize my posts into a group. one tricky group to post in is the MGT2 fb group because - surprisingly a lot of people in MGT2 buy our products. Action > standardize the formula for posts 
  • In the history of GITB - its shown that "Peddling my wares" and Posting is Key. But I dont want to make it that people will be burned out and "Turn Off" or mentally fiter me - so i want to report something relevant and actionable. 
    • Posting small improvements and benefits. 
    • Posting relevant science articles 
    • Posting Tutorials 
    • Note that I am a bore with pedantry. 
    • Posting 2x a month which I will copy to various groups. 
    • Every month MORE additional stuff in the Products. It will focus on Space Combat and World Gen but eventually, Variant Combat will follow. Particularly the Software tools. 
      • Will give the people who bought the 24 Character Cards access to the Character Gen Software. 
    • 5 sales per week of any book would be great. 
  • Current Metrics
    • 67 weeks since Mneme World Gen was launched. 1.6 sales per week. 
      •  Space Stations People can use as MAPS for games and encounters. 
      •  App (downloadable web page plus JS script) will allow for world generation offline
      • Web-3D star map file downloadable using glTF file format. Allows people to view a 3d Star map on their devices or desktop.  
    • 128 weeks for Mneme Variant Combat for 0.375 sales per week
      • Character generator app offline. > target its +0.5 per week. 
      • 3D printable Combatants for 1-inch/25mm scale. +0.5 per week. 
    • 3 weeks since Mneme Space Combat for 5.3 per week. things that will boost sales. I believe it will be around same performance as World Generator at 1/wk
      • More Ships and more Asset models., about 2 in a month.  if we can keep this up we will maintain at least 1/week. 
      •  Animation Sequences people will want to create for their Game. helps me advertise but unlikely to stick.