Sunday, December 31, 2023

2024 plans for Game in the Brain

Unfortunately Mneme Space combat is not doing well, selling pretty poorly despite being - by benchmarks of similar products - products with 3d models, rules, words, and, supporting video.

Well I have to adapt, Mneme world generator I noticed did very well. Space combat seems to be tertiary - and not a pain point it seems.

Anyway I'll still be producing the hard scifi plug in and rules - and hope to launch my realistic ships. I have to limit my resources - so I'll top up to the be able to include reaction drive ships similar to the Buran Energia or it's more modern equivalent the SPACE x starship with booster. Basically 2050-2070 reusable orbiters. 

For space combat 
- habitat + tender 
- reaction drives and Delta-v based space. 
- hard scifi ships - orbiters. 
X: deferred if sales pick up, fingers crossed. 
X - hard scifi space combat 
X - Mneme SHIP design : rules first. Then javascript browser based tools, and if i make at least make silver - which translates to 500usd or a sale of about 100 units over the 20, then I can afford to get a entry level contractor for this. 

I'll be Pivoting to something more popular - I hope -

1) I'll be commissioning one of my OJTs for freelance and creating a javascript app that runs on a browser for Mneme world generator.

Nicco research will be for Godot to allow these star systems can be viewed in 3d like the Rpg engine. 

I'll public the Github repository if I at least break even. After Gold. 

2) I'll have a Seperate team work on a RAW CE character generator same javascript browser able to run on the phone, tablet or desktop.

First the random chacter generator, then the browser where you can customize the character. 

But the goal is introducing Mnemes character generator. I'll be developing and upgrading Mneme Variant Combat into Personal Combat that includes - character creation, skills, and equipment.

This will include default characters for encounters, and 3d printable models of combatants 25mm scale. 

It's going to be a lot of money advancing for this, but I want the pride of saying I made the game something I believe is how it should be done unfortunately without marketing to tell people that will be hard. 

This is where I'll introduce vehicle combat and mecha combat. If the experiment works. 

I admit I get shy and don't post as much as the other creators.

Other goals 
1) once I get the encounter table tools for space combat I won't make as much space ships but I hope the algorithm will pick up on the same combats I plan to make 10 or twice a month.  

2) I will make sample sessions of using the products - like World Generator and given my limited time it will be World generator + Personal Combat 2x a month (1/mo each). 

I hope I hit a stride. 

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