Sunday, December 3, 2023

Dec 3 2023 Character Gen Progress

Initially, I thought there was a function referencing the target number for the survival check. However, I was mistaken; there are actually two sets of functions that determine whether the survival check is successful or not.

It seems that the third set of scripts related to survival is the one that works as intended. This particular set triggers the Mishap Table. To make this clearer, I should include the mishap table entry result.

In the mishap branch of the code, I plan to force a failed survival roll by setting the target numbers to 13. I realized that my previous assumption was incorrect since some characters can be exceptionally lucky, and a target number of 15 might be more appropriate, considering there is a maximum 2-dice modifier.

Here's the breakdown of the steps I intend to take:

Step 1: Force characters to fail the survival roll and gain a better understanding of how the survival checks work.

Step 2: Verify if the mishap table is functioning correctly. Enhance clarity by including the roll result in the verbose output.

Step 3: If the mishap table functions as expected, proceed to examine the results and effects of mishaps. Determine if they affect the benefits, as some benefits may be lost. Investigate how to remove benefits in case of a bad mishap.

Step 4: Create an Injury table. Test if the Mishap Table triggers the injury table by commenting out (disabling) the other mishaps. Essentially, disable the other random variables to better test the remaining ones.

Step 5: Once mishaps and injuries penalize character stats and benefits as intended, move on to medical care. Consider implementing a standardized cost of 5k credits per lost stat, with the option to raise stats to a minimum of 5 from 0 or less if the stat has ever decreased. Additionally, provide output notes regarding cyber-prosthetics.

In the Mneme Character generation, I'll customize medical care based on the character's status to ensure a more realistic and immersive experience. But as Rules-As-Written and expediency - just raises stats to 5 or 6.

the number of careers that had mishaps


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