Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Vaclav's GURPS Gladiator Game

This is a summary of what happened on my fight in +Vaclav Tofl's Gladiatoral Game. trying to get the other players names (+Jason Packer and +?). 

The combat began promisingly, with successful theatrics. Jia or Jia Si Tian Shi.  Spearman wise, I've done the math on paper. 
I fought against a Giant wielding two swords, like the one in the Sparticus Miniseries even though he was weakest in points - this character is a Horse Archer by trade so a good number of points is in scout and skirmisher profession. OUCH! Yeah, Jia is a Han with Steppe Blood and Traditions, which makes me Taller than most Han. ST11, DX12, and HT12 makes Jia a light weight. 
In the start of the round the Giant showed off, using Sex Appeal to work the crowd. An early student of the culture Jia used a traditional display of art Spear-14 -2 for default Combat Art. made it.
I was very confused and perplexed how to use a spear man in a fight where if I try to ruin all his attacks with Reach is not sporting!  I really have to be in dangerous position and range to have the crowd cheer. 
The first exchange was a martial arts approach - using Forward Handsprings when my opponent moved forward. We we both ended our move face to face, where I used my faster initiative to wait and make a flashy defense. 
The Giant made a step and attack. Jia stepped back and defended, then on his turn made a Flashy and Obvious attack to his foot. the Giant made it exactly, shifting his foot slightly enough to make the spear hit dirt. .  
He was confused by my movements, and then tried to evaluate. I responded the same, evaluating him in turn and trying to circle around to prevent from being cornered. 
He launched double attack, skillfully Jia was able to parry and dodge, maintaining another Evaluate (+2 now). 
On Jia's turn he then performed a feint at reach 2. which was to be resolved in my next attack. 
Unfortunately, the Giant made a double attack and had a critical success, defending at -4 (House rules since it would be undramatic), failed by a margin of 2. Ouch. Down for the count. 
Failed my HT-5, and Failed my will roll by 6 to go down with "dignity" reducing the Crowd's reaction score.
By the skin of his teeth Jia was spared for he fight he put up.  
What saved me is the Crowd, not his combat skills LOL!

  • Forgetting to Use Staff Skill when close +2 to parry an obscure source that says Spear is a Quarter staff. 
  • Stay a safe 2 spaces away from the opponent not just 1 space, forcing a Move and Attack maneuver. 
  • In spear mode Use WAIT (B366) - when the enemy steps forward use Defensive Attack Maneuver (MA100) with Reach 2 and step back. (The opponent will be forced to Move another step to make the Maneuver Move and Attack or Abort.) 
  • In Spear mode Use Wait (B366) -  when the enemy steps forward use Feint with Reach 2 and step back.
  • In Spear mode Use Wait (B366) -  when the enemy steps forward Evaluate and Step Back. When retreating keep moving to the side not just straight back to prevent from being flanked. 
  • In Spear mode Use Wait (B366) -  when the enemy steps forward step back and AoD: Improved Dodge move half of basic move B366 under movement entry of All-Out Defense maneuver and move 4 spaces (B386; use 3 moves to go around to the back, and the 4th and last move to step back for reach 2 validity) (Basic Move 8; with Acrobatics I can see an Aerial) ending in the back  with enemy at the Spearman's flank, Grip Mastery Reach 1 Grip. Then let the opponent complete his action, attacking the Spearman at the new position. Spend 1FP for Feverish Defense to have a +2 to the Defense Roll. (B357). 
    • The turn ends with the Opponent's back to the character, while the character is facing the enemy at reach 2. Risks is while he is moving out of the way, the opponent gets to attack but hopefully he has a Moving Target penalty to deal with and the Improved Dodge (Jia's Dodge would be 2. 
    • The Telegraphic Flashy Attack at the leg (+4, -2 flashy, -2leg = +0 with Spear-14), ending the the attack with Staff Form. Opponent has +2 to defend but an attack from the rear is according to B391 . 
Prior to the Game I had a Lot of Acrobatic Ideas in mind, but my acrobatics is 12 not something you do All the time. (I made a post about acrobatic research which will be online within the week). If I had CP to spend I will bring some Performance Skill (DID you know performance can allow you to default Acting and Public speaking at -2!). 
random notes
  • This is what Oberyn's Martel would be using against the Mountain. 
  • With a Spear that is not leaf shaped blade, instead a harpoon edge like a upside down V the strike is to miss, but pulling the weapon back in an attempt to "Hook" the back of the knee or Achilles tendon - tripping and crippling the opponent. 
  • Flashy spinning tip slash with Staff?
Deleting Transcript since its mostly rolls


Douglas Cole said...

Two yards distance will force him to use Committed Attack (Long) from Martial Arts, or Heroic Charge if Vaclav is using the Extra Effort rules. So don't count on it being Move and Attack - but as Peter points out, the defensive penalties for CA are non-trivial.

Jason Packer said...

Thanks for not sharing how my own combat turned into the "cartoon between bouts" instead of a vicious bloodletting I'd hoped it would be.

I've never seen so many critical hits and critical failures in my life.

justin aquino said...

Thanks for that heads up, I'll check that out- committed attack: long. If thats the case then I can try to maintain 3-yards. The more I cause the opponent to over-extend the better, I have a Heavier ST15 Spearman for Vaclavs game - a Wei guardsman Heavy Infantry Man.

justin aquino said...

No problem, it was a learning experience. Criticals are freaking scary, but we roll about 2-5 times a round. GM and Player rolling that often is bound to make criticals show up more.

justin aquino said...

Oh yeah I forgot to Count the SM modifier of the Giant LOL! (B20) Good thing he didn't get reach cause that would screw me.