Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Wishing upon a Sci-fi System

Questions I don't have answers to:
  1. Wouldn't Doctrine evolve towards low profile warships? Wouldn't the same evolution in predator prey relationship create a ship profile doctrine that would increase the Information barrier in determining threat or prey?
  2. Wouldn't mass-drivers be great in giving missiles a great starting Accel? (like in Honorverse)
  3. Wouldn't there be laser head missiles to fight in more extreme ranges in GURPS?
  4. Wouldn't someone have come up with a Combat Role-System for GURPS traveller already? Gunners, Pilot, EW (sensors and comm), Engineering and the Captain all being able to participate in the space combat.
  5. Has anyone thought up of a nice EW rule-system for GURPS traveller?
  6. How would I make Battle-dress Grav Bikes IMTU (like Robotech Cyclone Armor)?
  7. How would Variable Fighters or Mecha be used IMTU?
stuff I think I already asked before. 

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