Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Traveller Classic Merchant Rising Game on Roll20!

Thank you +Mark Knights for an awesome game, and thanks to all the great players +Seth Blumberg our Captain, +James Austin+Matt Guyder+Scott Cadoo+duncan mcphedran, +Daniel Malone, +Jonathan Henry, +Dansk Macrbe  and  others (sorry for those If I missed anyone). 

I took a while to warm up, I am approaching traveller from GURPS and Mongoose Traveller. I have a character that, my old Traveller GM, +Bobby Navarro  would laugh at because it was a very close version of my GURPS traveller pair* Surprisingly it was a Randomly Generated Character. 

Since the Mark gave him my name as parts of the notes, I named him Jia Si Tian also (same as my character at +Vaclav Tofl game). Hey, I didn't want to dig deep for a good name with a lot of meaning and foreshadowing so I went with a good name I have now. 

Given his career history, he appears to be one of those dynasities in decline. Being a dynasty in decline has been something I've been studying and observing for a while. It breeds a very different kind of  "elite". Failure, long continuous failure, tends to exaggerate flaws and strengths as much as success. 

Most memorable scene. 
The Pirate who tried to waylay us was too stubborn and wanted a quick death. My characters background "helped" the team learn that Will power is not Infinite resource. There are limits to what a man can put up with. So Matt was going to do the cutting up and James doing the Medicine to make the pirate appreciate the pain longer. It worked, as the "other merchant" I helped negotiated for more information and an immediate response. 

When he would not give up a satisfying amount of information, James and I went into the "science" of destroying bodily evidence. 

Not-Verbatim but to the effect we were trying to achieve:
James as Babbage - "Its really better to dump him on re-entery, nothing here will obliterate the body so finely"
Me as Jia "That would mean that after we land, we have to climb back up again and dump him out of orbit. So we will need a small compartment to place the body, probably still alive and cut up stowed away until we reach orbit and THEN dump the body. Now if the marine wants him to suffer more than he would use up some life support so that he would be conscious during re-entry!?"  

It was a laugh trip but it worked! Most interestingly "the Accountant" thought of the idea. Well I'm playing down my "Baron" status until I need to use it to open doors. 

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