Tuesday, April 9, 2013

GURPS Gladiator Arena Session 3, but my 2nd

Report of +Vaclav Tofl
The games were a "tribute" to a great general and a re-enactment of the war.

Parmenion by +Martin Davis
I'm playing Jia
2NPCs the General's Grandson, Albius, in Legionary fighting style, and Lucius also in the same style.

The battle began with us maintaining a cohesive phalanx for a while, at this point I was already seeing the merits of the formation. Even if they outnumbered us, if they moved in we could take them out easily, many of us striking one opponent.

Par moved to flank, leaving the formation. Jia was covering the gaps and evaluating using his 8 move in Hoplomancha mode. The enemy spearmen kept making safe attacks at reach-2, softening us up.  Lucius stepped infront of Jia, I took the opportunity: Free Action dropping held shield, Ready Action dropping helmet, free action readying Spear reach-2 2h grip.

Then a luck shot caught Lucius and he went down and prone, then I was on the defensive (using wait maneuvers to protect him from attacks by attacking the attacker). My attacks were all Anticipatory Strikes at the first threat within reach, attacking their Leg. My wait-&-attack maneuvers forced attacks to abort their step and attacks Or cut the enemy down at the leg.  

Par was in a melee, taking down the enemy in one on one. Jia was defending giving Albius a defensive retreating point, and Lucius time to recover. The most aggressive Jia was when he used after he survived a AoA Attack against 2-h axe wielder, then he tried to capitalize using Commited Attack: Determined + Mighty blow (1FP spent) and the German was still up. Albius tried to finish him, but the German was still standing.

When we were pushing the enemies back, Jia took the time to make an acrobatic performance.

Near the end my connection was terminated, and I had to leave instructions to attack an opponent I  made a successful feint again, I forgot feints are resolved in the next turn.

Before I could finish the last opponent, Albius called us back. As a soldier, Jia returned to formation. The gong sounded and the game entered a lul - Jia tries to recover some FP with breathing exercises. Albius tells us that there are beasts ready for the second round, and only Jia and he are still in full health (and Jia is a paper tiger). Par has only recovered 4 out of his 14 dmg and is at 1/2 move and dodge. Lucius is at the same condition. We really need to fight in formation now.

There was an opportunity to...

  • striking an opponent that Par caused to turn his back to us by using Telegraphic attack
  • forgot to use my Extra Effort FP
  • forgot to switch grip defensive vs reverse vs standard. I did remember to change form this time. 
  • next time I will shift to Staff mode, use acrobatics to move through the spaces combined with AoD: Improved Dodge for a maximum of +4 dodge bonus or a net +0 dodge and a +1 net to parry. If I fail my acrobatics I should use Feverish Defense if needed. 

I had a lot of technical difficulties

Interesting Notes:

  • Low Fighter + Shield Wall and an Archer or Long Spearman at the back is awesome.
  • AoD: Improve dodge has two strategic advantages: Movement and Dodge bonus, moving out of the way, and a better dodge. Can be combined with Step for another +3 bonus to dodge.  
  • In the next fight I will reprise my Defensive role again.
  • If my brother Jasper could have joined us we would have another spear fighter but a very interesting one, since he can fight with Two spears hehee - one in defensive Grip the other in Reverse grip (similar to Ni-Ten) since it was holiday but I wasnt able to contact him. Another Wei fighter, a Guardsman, is pretty formidable. 
  • For the animals I will "wait" for an animal to attack and use CA:Determined a Stop Hit. 
You will notice the way I organize my thoughts, I try to keep data related near each other. because if it is not immediately visible I will forget it like regular people. I also spell out my tactics and my options. it also allows me remember strategies and tactics I've "crunched" for the future. 


Unknown said...

just few notes to clear something up:
our slave Gladiators:
Parmenion is fighting as Thraex style (Medium shield+Sica (mainly cutting Gladiators Sword))
Lucius is Murmillo (Large Shield + Gladius (mainly thrusting Gladiators sword))

hosting apperance:
Albius (a little cowardly grandson of general Pelaguis) was fighting as a Legionare (Large shield + Pilum + Gladius)

Peter D said...

Sounds good.

A couple things to keep in mind that might help:

- you can always attack through a friend's hex with a long weapon, even if the guy in front isn't crouching (B388).

- If your enemies are being annoying at staying at Reach 2 and you have a Reach 1 weapon, just attack their weapon. Their weapon is within reach (B400).

Sounds like it was fun. Too bad I'm asleep already when game starts. :)

justin aquino said...

Thanks Vacla and Peter,
I think next time I'll try to use Tip Slash: against the enemy spear, hopefully breaking its shaft. I check B388 again about the penalties of attacking through a square.