Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Re-Learning GURPS Combat with Vaclav's Gladiator Game

Thanks to +Vaclav Tofl and +Martin Davis for the GURPS Gladiator Game!

Nothing like a bunch of Martial Artist Enthusiasts Trying out GURPS Martial Arts, I'd thing SCA fighters would love the system more. 

I lost and almost died, thankfully I killed a skin changer dire-wolf. Parmenion (Martin) took me down this game. He did very well and I have to hand him such a gracious victory. 

I learned a lot this combat. Vaclav and I had a second melee after the fight with Parmenion and got to explore more risky tactics. 

  • Evaluation Rules are Harsh. It is a maneuver with fleeting benefits. You will lose the evlauate maneuver if you break off your target, (realistically). In terrain where we retreat to defend, you will end up cornered because to begin with a cautious strategy means spending Acrobatic Dodge, Feverish Defense, and Retreat while you are evaluating. 
  • Keep in mind Extra Effort. FP is the stat that tells me I have to have a strategy going in. 
  • Acrobatic Dodge - if fail Feverish Defense
  • Acrobatic Dodge + Feverish Defense vs Deceptive Attack or Penalized Defenses. 
How to Organize my Strategies
I always assume a roll of 10-11 when I am visualizing a strategy. 
- Dominant Strategies - a line of 2-3 second strategy (typically engaging or moving up to the enemy requires its own strategy). Example > Round 1: AoD: Improved Dodge + move 3 spaces > round 2: Feint and step back > round 3: leg attack. 
- Safe Strategies - a list of strategies where the Failure is not a penalty or leaves the character risky. Example > Wait- If steps within reach-1 trigger AoD: Evade through an opponent (B368) on a success you appear behind the opponent on your next turn. 
- Risky to Very Risky but High Pay off Strategies - a list o strategies that require the success of two other skills but results into a very high pay off. Example > Round 1: Wait for an enemy to step and close in for an attack - triggers  CA:D Long Evade to move behind opponent + Telegraphic Attack + Elbow Strike (MA71) or Back Kick/Back Strike (MA67) + attack option Sweep Attack (an attack that cannot be dodged) the purpose of the attack is to down the opponent. 

Players who don't know the rules and Options - Cheat Sheet. the GM spends an hour easily to have a combat encounter with the Player to determine their dominant strategy. This aids both the player and the GM. 

Once a cheat sheet is made, it is merely drag and drop. so the combat can be tracked.  

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