Thursday, May 2, 2013

How to Grow?

I guess what I want to talk about is how growing the hobby is not changing peoples minds about the systems they love but focusing in attracting more people to the hobby to be open to many styles of play.

I'm in no mood to be comparing systems and styles. I just want to find more people to play with, and I am willing to change how I enjoy something to accommodate other people.  I think energies are better focused lowering the barrier of entry, not just in complexity, information, and identifiable genres but socially - by being easy and fun to play with.

Right now my current challenge is trying to have a new gaming group despite work and real life barriers. I've already provided a location  in eastwood corporate plaza and props (my reaper, battle mat).  Still the formula depends mostly on chance because schedules are especially since my mandarin classes have moved the game night to Friday night. I've checked what I am bringing to the game and its about +10lbs of gear.

GURPS is not that big in the philippines, but since I'm part of the GURPS community, an MIB, it seems, anecdotally, to be the most growing hobby (at least online). Especially since I've been playing combat heavy games, political and strategic games I've been energized to run any game where I can get behind the "GM wheel".

Any reason I'm not successful in growing the hobby in my area despite my offers and accessibility is mostly speculation and not-helpful. The most important thing is getting out there and meeting people who might be interested in the hobby by gaming the statistics.  As to that I think I better start going to the gaming meet ups of board games and other games and provide a "Card" of introductions.

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