Thursday, May 30, 2013

I'm preachy about Roll20 and G+ Hangouts

Yup I am, and If I hear another gamer with fair internet bitch and whine about having a bad choice of players, logistic problems, and "give up" on gaming I have an earful I am struggling to get under control Lolz.

I mean seriously, I've heard it said as an argument that its "not Traditional" sorry but I have very very negative things to say about that argument that would make a loud mouth troll of a pirate blush. Also hearing of a game being organized among the Gamers who I know have family and obligations, even with commitment the fall out tends to be 20%-60% and after those who made the effort to be physically present and there is too few to play just more disappointment.

Oh and my wife watching Downton Abbey just reinforced my gaming online with her going "Don't do a Mathew!" (end of the season spoiler). So I'm sure many of the gamers out there have their non-gaming partners telling them they would rather they stay home safe than be driving late or mentally exhausted from a game.

Right now I'm trying to find time to game with my brother but we have very strong opposing RPG tastes, the way siblings tend to be very similar but the very small differences they have is enough to drive each other crazy. I can't play DnD and he wont play GURPS lolz... ahhhh siblings...  (Ironically back in 1996 he was the one who was able to understand GURPS 3e rules before I ever took the time to read the book).

Small Chores the wife makes me do while I am a player:
  • Order Food Delivered
  • Keep an eye of our son in my "dump" of a den. (which my fellow gamers can see when they game with me) Lolz
  • sometimes I cook something easy like pasta

One of the biggest gains I have in gaming is being able to Game after work hours at around 6pm and being able to game before the Family is fully awake on a weekend. Thats the most awesome benefit of online gaming I have, where it doesnt get in the way of family and keeps my spouse happy. Being at home means that if there is an emergency with our son, I'm HOME! I can just be there with my minor first aid and the ability to drive to a hospital.

One big deal about Gaming Online is the tolerance for scheduling problems,
its one thing to be physically present for a game -braving traffic, arranging something for your significant other to do, etc..., its another to be present online. The Oodles of other things you can be doing like CHORES if a game doesn't push through is not so bad. Its not like I spent gas or braved about 1 hour of traffic going to the game, and there are too few players for the GM to run a game. I realistically lost almost nothing when a Game doesnt push through online, and I love that.

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