Sunday, May 12, 2013

GURPS Modern Fantasy - Pregens and Characters

Here are the characters so far. No one has made claims to the Pregens yet, and the game will be up soon. Finished most of my prep, what is left is dry runs to make sure everything is working. Worse case scenarios Technical Planning is in order. 

I will continue the game even if two players will be available by game day.  

Edit: Character
I'll try to add "Non-Combat" Tactics, but i

 +Vaclav Tofl  Jack Smith, Bouncer/Bartender
 +Jarad Jones "the Cowboy"

Speedy programmer
Notable Skills: Programming-17 (plus single minded +3), Acrobatics (Free Running)-17.
The Action Star
Notalble Skills- Perfomrance-16, Combat Art: Karate-18
Savy Biz Man
Notable Skills Streetwise-15, Merchant-18

 Modern-day Prince
Notable Skills Psychology-20,

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