Monday, May 13, 2013

Haven Headlines

Headlines are topic of conversations and potential plot hooks.

"Conservative Party" wins Majority in the Senatorial Elections
"Liberal Party" contests winnings

2,012 elections related violence incidents, down 500% from last elections. Analysts are optimistic.

Legba Group Ground Breaking of the New Commercial Business District.

Internet Campaigns Criticism

East Haven District, Former Mayor Charlie Wu contesting Richard Nuggo's win.

James Steele, Sex Scandal

Twelve Mining Contracts have all failed bidding.

Has Dambala vs Idamaz Political Rivalry turned a corner?

"Ghost Ship" Sighted on the South West Coast of Haven.

Police Uncovered Cargo Container with 3 tons of dog skeletons Wednesday Evening.

Police say Heights Apartments Killings, may be linked to "the Cannibal"!

Human Rights Watch, over 50,308 Teenagers and children still missing. HRW says there may be tripple the number of undocumented missing.

Political Prisoners call for Appeals, after Conservative Victory.

The new Ferrari Lannister Edition sighted in Haven Streets!

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