Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Check-list for my Upcoming GURPS modern fantasy game

get everything done by Wed, May13 and the dry runs by may-15. 
  • Set up all the Mooks with their stats and notes. At least the health bar. 
  • Set up all the background maps and music. having some background OST prepared for fantasy, apologizing since I draw from a "horror and darkness" hat for a lot of my fantasy. 
    • using background Images as the Backdrop for non-tactical views and mood set up. 
    • choosing from various OSTs for something that can play in the background for mood. 
    • Urban Map - solutions create an abstraction map. with areas and highways. 
  • Create some pregens
    • need to make 4 pregens (none have supernatural abilities)
      • Streetwise Martial Artist (GURPS martial template)
      • Psychologist Investigator 
      • Athletic Business man
      • Mind and Body Hacker 
    • help write out the tactics they can cut and paste, or paste on with little modification
    • make for problematic backgrounds. 
    • organize all the disads in a chart so that I can tell where is the lowest hanging fruit for motivations and where motivations won't follow. 
  • Pay for my roll20 account, at least the $50usd a year account (tuition is limiting my choices). 
  • Write up the scenes. 
    • the NPCs
    • the mooks
    • the tokens
    • Write up mook tactics for cut and paste. 
  • Dry run several times
    • Test out the Maps and tactical
    • Test out the Multi-Screen and bandwidth capacity. 
    • Dry run the Music and the special effects. 
Good thing I gave myself about 10 days lead for this. 

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