Sunday, May 12, 2013

Taught GURPS Combat Lesson Teaching it

Some lessons teaching GURPS combat. I really should run a sample combat for newbies. 
  • 1 Combat of 4 elements, 3 vs 1 took 1 hour. One newbie. 
    • I had to explain so it took longer than normal. 
  • Organize and Visualized the Options by Maneuvers > Attack Options (see White Board)
    • This way they can intuitively grasp the options. First Choose a Maneuver THEN (if an attack) Choose Attack Options. 
  • Its much better when there is terrain
    • Trees provide Cover B407, But surrounding hexes have Bad Footing. 
    • Dotted Terrain has bad Footing. -2 to attack, -1 to defend. Must roll DX when sprinting or Move&Attack through for every hex stepped. Because of this, I wish i wrote down the Jump stats. 
    • Foliage Provides Soft Cover. 
  • Have a Tape measure out its faster than counting Hexes. 

Despite how hard it may be to teach, GURPS combat IS THE simulationist system. My Brother could use a dead Orc as cover against Ranged attacks, after sticking a Glaive through the other Orc.

Advanced Concepts we were able to Tackle
  • Quick Shooting (there was an Orcish Archer while Two orcs converged. 
  • Called Shots
  • Cover
  • Committed Attacks
I wish I can run modern combat, since my Vampire Level Bones: Reaper Minis have Marines figs. It would teach people some Airsoft Tactics. For modern, i'll have some "Ruins" for Hard cover. I should have bought some Clear Xelophane for "Saved" terrains for Combat only Games. 

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