Monday, May 20, 2013

List of things I did in Prep version 0.1

Here is my List of things I do
  1. Create a Roll20 Campaign
    1. Prep the map
      1. Look for a good background.
      2. If a combat focused game I have to prep the terrain
        • Bad Footing
        • Hard Cover 
        • Soft Cover (In Traveller, Clouds and Asteroid Fields can provide soft cover). 
        • GM notes on the Terrain. 
    2. Prep the Macros
      1. /gmroll <insert core mechanic>
      2. /r <insert core mechanic>
    3. Prep the PCs-tokens, Mooks and NPC portraits
      1. Make certain stats visible,
      2. Make it easy to differentiate
    4. Prep the Jukebox
      1. Fill it up with Music based on the campaign theme and mood. Screening music takes time so I tend to have a small, “go-to” list of music.
    5. Prep the Handouts
      1. Gdocs Shared Player Notes, Players Shared Notes.
      2. Reference Handouts -
        • Ex. The Mooks Combat Reference Maneuvers and Postures
          Ex. Grappling Basics 
      3. Upload Player Portraits and Icons (made with Tokentool)
      4. Links to Useful References
        • Ex. Links to UWP and Traveller World Maps
        • Links to material and references.
  2. Create Google Docs
    1. Make GM notes.
    2. Make Shared Player Notes.
  3. Prep Event
    1. Put all the Links of Gdocs, References, and Roll20.
    2. Make a second event in Facebook.
After all this, Go through Charsheets and Update and Correct. Hopefully I can improve this processes.

Traveller Game Prep sharing the Roll20 Tokens I made using GURPS ISW tokens using GDrive and the Dropbox . I'm leaning to ISW more for the Traveller Game despite its very low popularity. I like being at TL9-10. I really like dwelling in the economic and cognitive revolution that appears just over the horizon. 

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