Learning w/ Hangouts

This is my learner's page, basically interested in exchanging small skills and ideas. Also don't mind making it an on-air event. I like learning with someone to show me and while I take notes and ask questions that would be a b*tch to research an answer.

I'm GMT+8 (12hrs earlier than EST) and can try to make time to talk about stuff for about an hour.

Check out Study Buddy (since its kinda hard to post a "Circle" to share as a link. I'll just add you to my learner's circle. No rush.

I'll try to cite sources and give reference notes. Don't take my word for it.


  • Roll20 Basics
  • Hangout Basics
  • GMing Basics
  • Blender Basics (working on getting back to intermediate and advance level)
  • Mandarin Level 1 (enough to pass the most basic level of HSK)  
  • GURPS Min-Maxer Level 
  • Gaming Discussions of Systems and Genre's and Play style or Philosophy. 
  • Sounding Board
  • Libre Office Skills (Open Documentation skill) Enough to publish something with an indexes and references. I think this is at an Intermediate level, no scripting skillset but pretty much know how to set up for pretty good quality publishing. 
  • GIMP
  • Drawing Basics (Fine Arts Visual Com)
  • Basic Ubuntu
Skills Interested
  • All those skills mentioned above
  • Life Hacking or Life Munchkining or Life Min-Maxing (ethically of course)
  • Python (studying this through libreoffice blender and blender game engine)
  • Blender Skills 
  • Mandarin (basic level people who i can practice my bad mandarin regularly; and those looking for learning hacks)
  • Industry Expertise Overview: Manufacturing, IT, any Technology, and industry notes exchange. 
  • Online Courses and Certification regarding the same industry

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