Monday, April 29, 2024

NON-GRAVITIC MGT2E Ships - Core book ships.

 Downgrading the Hull to gravitic, the M-DRIVES to R-DRIVES of the same thrust, The power plant to TL8, Precalculating the delta-V, Updating the New Costs, etc... 

You will find it in the MNEME Combat Ships Spreadsheet. 

This is for the new Book that will need to be made prior to SPIN HABITATS. you cannot have a book about non-Gravitic Stations and Habitats if everyone is flying around with gravitics. You have to remove it all. 

If you are someone who enjoys our content then Modeling Fusion or Fission Salt Water Rockets and various Torch propulsion would be something you may enjoy. the imagery of Sky Hooks, Launch vehicles: from Rockets to Lift Body Craft with 2-stages would be something you may look forward to. Plus the detailed Operations of getting to Orbit. 

Note that Mneme World Generator gives the gravities which then allows me to create the Escape velocity calculations - as well as Low Orbit, High Orbit, and Possibly 5 Lagrange points since these all can be fed into a Spreadsheet. You need the escape velocities (High and Low Orbit) for the delta-v budgets needed to exit a gravity well. 

I will have to research how big we can build Skyhooks as part of the Rocket book. 

Its in this Paper Hypersonic Airplane Space Tether Orbital Launch System  

Friday, April 26, 2024


 This is the onedrive link to the 3D printing files mneme ships.  Charles and Xtian's Internship ended, the College of Saint Benilde asked if I was accepting Interns, and I offered a lot of projects they could work on for industrial design, but they were interested in making 3D printing models of our CC-BY-SA ships. 

Now that its ended, and they put all that work into it I felt bad putting it behind a paywall. I see my Title statistics in DrivethruRPG, I know how many people visit my products and the odds of someone buying Mneme Space Combat are extremely low. 

I'm still pretty proud of the product - One of the changes you will find in Mneme Space Combat is all the ship maps will be BLANK with png tokens of the Rooms and Furnishings in the POWER POINT!!! this means you can edit them without having to open Graphics Editor!!! Why hasn't someone thought of this before us!!! Ironically Mneme Space Combat is the least likely to sell of all our products because of its Steep price of 20usd. So we are converting all the maps to editable PPT maps! imagine just taking 5 to 15 minutes to edit a ship deck plan!  

I'm accepted my mistakes and moving on I'm correcting them. The market has spoken but I am not interpreting it cynically - i think there is nuance in the signals and the data. 23 units were sold so its not bad its just too complicated to use. 

Resin Models were made by:
Charles Jamer C. Pangindian

the FDM models were made by:
Jean Christian H. Tormes

Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Mneme Jump Drive Technology and Reflections

Mneme jump drives and, of course, our rocketry mechanics are there to help adapt Cepheus Engine and Traveller to remove Gravitics - for a different method of enjoying sci-fi. When you start using reaction drives, the distances of 100 Diameters and traveling multiple Astronomical Units will take months to years unless large amounts of Delta-V are used. We will set the Apolo Program's Saturn-V as a baseline of performance. 

Mneme Jump Drive Technology

In the Mneme universe, Jump Drives harness the peculiar properties of the quantum vacuum, where fleeting virtual particles pop in and out of existence. This technology manipulates these virtual particles to create a "null field"—a unique region in space where not even virtual particles exist. By engineering this null field, the Mneme Jump Drive distorts the fabric of space-time, effectively eliminating the distance between two points in space.

Operation of the Mneme Jump Drive:

Creation of Null Field: The Jump Drive generates a null field by manipulating the quantum vacuum. This field temporarily negates the existence of space itself between two designated points, allowing for instantaneous travel without traversing the intervening space.

Navigation and Prediction: Given the challenges of space travel over vast distances, where destinations are observed as they appeared years in the past due to the speed of light, Mneme Jump Drives incorporate advanced predictive algorithms. These algorithms are crucial for aligning the null field with the destination point, particularly focusing on Lagrange points—regions of relative gravitational stability influenced by the two largest celestial bodies in a star system. These points provide predictable locations that minimize navigational errors and perturbations from cosmic variables.

Energy and Computation Requirements: The energy required to create and maintain the null field increases with the distance to be traveled, subjecting the drive to significant computational and energetic demands. These factors limit the operational range of a single jump, introducing a practical constraint on the frequency and distance of jumps based on the ship's power capabilities.

Maintenance and Wear: Unlike traditional Jump Drive systems that consume fuel, the Mneme Jump Drive's main expenditure is not fuel but the integrity of its components. Each jump incurs significant wear and tear on the drive, necessitating regular maintenance and replacement of parts to keep the system operational. Ships equipped with multiple Jump Drives can perform successive jumps without immediate maintenance, offering strategic flexibility in deep-space operations.

Travel Within Star Systems: As the Mneme setting does not incorporate reactionless maneuver drives, all intra-system movement relies on conventional reaction mass-driven propulsion. Ships at TL9 will default with Fusion Thermal Rockets with a typical 0.5 km/s per minute of burn /acceleration per 0.75% of HULL-DT of metallic-hydrogen enriched fuel. Ships like the 100DT courier would have around 21.95 km/s, 200DT Merchant Trader 9.4 km/s, 300DT Frontier Trader 10.98 km/s. We wont go into detailed orbital mechanics - we will use the simple Delta-V budget system and simply create delat-V budgets for worlds and positions (this will be automated in Mneme World Generator as I'm having it commissioned to become a Static web page people can save on their phone or desktop to make calculations and can export and import json/csv files for persistent storage. 

Vacuum\Quantum Fluctuations

According to quantum field theory, even the vacuum of space isn't completely empty. It's filled with quantum fields that are constantly fluctuating in and out of existence. These fluctuations manifest as particle-antiparticle pairs that appear and then annihilate each other almost instantaneously. These pairs are also known as "virtual particles." This phenomenon is a direct consequence of the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle, which suggests that there is a fundamental limit to how precisely we can simultaneously know the properties (like position and momentum) of a particle.

Hawking Radiation and Event Horizon

Regarding particles gathering at the edge of a singularity, this refers to the theoretical prediction of Hawking Radiation around black holes. According to Stephen Hawking's groundbreaking theory, black holes are not completely black but emit radiation due to quantum effects near their event horizons (the boundary around a black hole from which nothing can escape). The intense gravitational fields at the event horizon can cause these virtual particle-antiparticle pairs to split, with one particle falling into the black hole and the other escaping as radiation. This process leads to the gradual evaporation of black holes over astronomical timescales.

This is the basis of the null field, that forces can act on Virtual particles. There is "Something" that allows Virtual Particles to exist, and the concept of eliminating or avoiding that "Something" that makes up the distance between objects.  

Quantum Entanglement

Quantum entanglement is another fascinating aspect of quantum mechanics where pairs or groups of particles interact in ways that the quantum state of each particle cannot be described independently of the state of the others, even when the particles are separated by large distances. This phenomenon was termed "spooky action at a distance" by Einstein, who was skeptical of its implications. Entanglement challenges our classical ideas of locality and causality because changes to one entangled particle's state can instantaneously affect its partner's state, regardless of the distance separating them.

This is the basis of distance being removed between two points. Can distance be removed? That there exist gaps in the universe, places that we cannot exist in, and when matter or particles ignore when passing through it - making them appear on the other side.

All these ideas combined together, like the Alcubierre drive and the curvature of spacetime, make one wonder - we are not violating the speed of light, but we are finding ways around distances and space. When you realize that - galaxies traveling away from each other near the speed of light are relatively faster than the speed of light, it is a matter of nuance and detail that allows us to discover powerful workarounds and laws of the universe. 

Reflections on my Isekai writing and Mneme Scifi. 

My Isekai writing is me writing a story that will remove someone's boredom. What is so interesting about it is that I know with so many manga recaps or manga or manhua stories retold on YouTube, I don't need to be good. It could even be trash, and people will still listen to it because it is better than being bored. You can look at the worst one and still see hundreds of people listening to it. But because the bar is so low, I have the freedom to make it the way I want to make it. 

Then there is Mneme, which me trying to make Hard-Scifi more accessible hoping that this niche would develop. It's not making the most amazing TRPG material, it's supposed to make the science in sci-fi interesting and accessible. You don't need a whole lot of math, and with AI being around to test our understanding (I compare the outputs of Gemini plus, GPT4turbo, Worlfram Alpha, and soon Llama3m Mystral with H2Ogpt ). It's not trying to compete to be the best, it's trying to be more accessible - by making all the tools as easy to modify and edit as possible. The referee/game master can prepare it in a few minutes - hence the software tools, 3d Models, and Production workflow, and taking advantage of my costs being from the Philippines. 

There is no BEST. There are goals, and they are based on my values. They just happen to align with other people's interests. 

Thursday, April 18, 2024

FDM test prints our out, and for update

Xtian Tormes finished some prototypes of the FDM models of the ships. 

FDM is the most common 3D printer found in the market. Creality Ender 3 variants. Right now there is not much of a "Problem" with the current licensing of Traveller ships... of course if work in IT and in industries where IP can be closed off (see the Open Gaming debacle) then these ships and this setting is designed with the intent that we don't have to worry about it. For IT, there is Red Hat closing their access, VMware ending perpetual licenses, Nintendo suing Emulator Yuzu, the right to repair, Microsoft INVASIVE telemetry, W10 end of life, etc... sooo many many reasons not to trust, and that - trust can with Transparency. 

Open source - from Open Office and GIMP and Blender, got me to where I am now. So making the ships CC-BY-SA  - its not going to be a success - Its considered "off brand" of course there are those of us who just care about utility and value.  

Sunday, April 14, 2024

Update on the 3D Printable Files of the Ships and MGT2e LIFEPOD is 1.5DT

 Update on the CE Mneme RAIDER - Open source Creative Common Ships anyone can use and share without worrying about the IP. 
Thanks to Charles Jamer C. Pangindian for the creation! Charles is from the Industrial Design College of saint Benilde and chose to help out creating 3d printable versions of our ships for internship. 

Mgt2E TL9 1.5DT Lifepod 

Visualization in terms of how this looks like in terms of floor plan. Note that Mneme Ships grid on the ships are at 0.75m squares. In the Philippines, our passageway requirement for fire safety egress is 0.6m, so space is enough for people to pass through in a mad dash for the exits. 

Wednesday, April 10, 2024

Change of Direction - Progress and Updates

1000 frames out of around 2200 frames so far, left to render without an optimized RTX 3070 NVDIA didn't install properly. At night I'm using our AI research PCs for rendering Blender Animations of some of the ships.  This would crash my Ubuntu RX 550 PC and will make my RTX 980 Windows 10 PC unusable. 

It took 48 hours in an Ubuntu 22.04 NVIDIA RTX 3070 to render this. 

Changes and Plans

  • Budgeted Projects with the ability to break even after 25 units sold. Instead of trying to continuously update a book until its such superior quality like the mneme Space Combat. The book only made less than 400usd and I spent around 2,000usd making it. The material is awesome but according to a friend its too complex to use - so I will work on making 5-10usd books that will easier and hyper focused on making ready material for peoples games. 
    • The animated renders of the 300DT Habitat (60m diameter) will help sell the book and I hope to make video detailing what people are getting when they purchase our 10usd book. 
    • Editable Maps (PPT) made from the 3D model. Of different Ship variants 
      • 1-map of the Original as it is Found in MSC (mneme space combat) but made of a Blank Unfurnished version of the Ship with no Interior Walls. 
      • 1-map of a Variant - made of Blank + Tokens
      • of course the Blank map and Tokens are available when the Referee or World Builder want to remake the ship. We made it you can do it all with just PPT or Libre Office Impress or Google Slides. 
    • Renders of Ship Specifications - we will make a large booklet of renders of the ships. at least 10 pages but we hope we can make it that there is about 20 pages of renders. 
    • Tokens you have of different colored variants of the ships - so that the Referee can differentiate them. 
    • The Blender Model. 
    • and STL and 3mf File for the 25mm scale minaitures. 
  • Text and Content is me talking the science and operations of the Ship - how I would apply it with the context of Economics, Business Operations, 
    • MGT2e is what a friend Ian would call "The biggest gorrilla" so to ignore that I get requests for MGT2E conversions of my ships is not good business sense. 
    • Its not like I'm already burried in So many IT and Engineering projecs and personal projects and of course being a family guy - so now I have to take on Reviewing the Dynamic Drop down sheet I made for MGT2E's complexity problem.  I just have to execise some judgement on how much complexity I'm going to take on. 
    • HABITAT book is the next book and the current detail of the outline is the following: 
      • Book with 30 pages
        • CE STATS and operating details. 
        • MGT2E STATS (using my dynamic dropdown JS google sheet) to reduce the overhread and to make it easier to clean up. 
        • Sample Crew for CE/MGT2E stats. 
      • 1x Ship Layout that is BLANK with png assets inside a PPT (power point/google slides/impress file - so you can CUSTOMIZE YOUR SHIP EASILY!!!). I realized this would be the NEXT STEP. 
      • 1x Ship layout of ORIGINAL ship but with the PNG files used to populate the ship. 
      • 1x VARIANT Layout. to show how a variant can be done, and another template for Refrees and worldbuilders to tweak. 
      • Blender Model!!!
      • Attached wll be +10 renders/pictures for the people who do not have time or resources to render it themselves, that cannot be found in the book.  
  • We can render Schematics Blue prints now. Just need to invert it to white and on a blue background. 

Sunday, April 7, 2024

Blood Magic - and Modern Medicine

 Blood Magic is the ability to reshape chemical signals and control micro organisms. Blood magic gave the ability to taste, smell, and feel things in the biochemistry of another person and within one’s own body. 

Blood magic in the setting is supposed to be equal to that of our modern medicine, except that the tools are hacked aka “shaped” into your body. The reason why it takes a lot of embryos to produce one elf or a blood mage capable human was creating the “Labratory Controls” in them. 

The assumption is that: What if we had, placed within us, a biological lab that allowed us to control micro organisms and produce compounds and enzymes and protiens that will signal and manipulate other organisms. This magic was not “telekentic” where it moved items using the mind - it depended on Chemical and Biological signals - thus using bodily fluids. 

Bodily fluids is key for the use of this magic, and that each human had a LAB inside them to produce this chemical triggers is a key limitation of the setting. You can say that the “summoning Magic” is the true magic - unless the “Summoned Memories” is actually from a database of sort. then everything is actually Scifi. 

Magic as Science, specically magic abilities as something programmed into a Transhuman - human descendant is an old theme I wrote about before. First I though of quantum effects that would make it possible to allow for Telekinetic control, but that magic became difficult because it required energy that we could not metabolize. 

Blood magic where the premise is that mages were labs, and they could influence others through their magic would be better. With adequate preparation, someone can use Blood Magic to make someone stronger, faster, or even smarter - it just took time and shaping. And of course what happens when you force change in the body would be cancer. 

In a scifi setting, humans with built in biological labs would be very adaptable even if technology would collapse. As long as some survived to adapt, they would be able to apply the necessary changes needed to modify the entire species in that predicament.  

Biological computers designed to rebuild themselves - as their schematics are saved in genetic code is much easier than the Sophon in the Netflix Adaptation of the 3 body problem (photon sized supercomputer and AI ). propelling seeds near the speed of light and surviving the deceleration is not as complex. Creating terraforming biological infrastructure with such would be far simpler, and then linking all these worlds with Quantum Entanglement - would be order of magnitudes easier. Heck transfering memories and consciousness so far away would be easier- and rencoding them and then making the consciousness transfer seemless would be an easier near FTL way to teleport.