Sunday, April 7, 2024

Blood Magic - and Modern Medicine

 Blood Magic is the ability to reshape chemical signals and control micro organisms. Blood magic gave the ability to taste, smell, and feel things in the biochemistry of another person and within one’s own body. 

Blood magic in the setting is supposed to be equal to that of our modern medicine, except that the tools are hacked aka “shaped” into your body. The reason why it takes a lot of embryos to produce one elf or a blood mage capable human was creating the “Labratory Controls” in them. 

The assumption is that: What if we had, placed within us, a biological lab that allowed us to control micro organisms and produce compounds and enzymes and protiens that will signal and manipulate other organisms. This magic was not “telekentic” where it moved items using the mind - it depended on Chemical and Biological signals - thus using bodily fluids. 

Bodily fluids is key for the use of this magic, and that each human had a LAB inside them to produce this chemical triggers is a key limitation of the setting. You can say that the “summoning Magic” is the true magic - unless the “Summoned Memories” is actually from a database of sort. then everything is actually Scifi. 

Magic as Science, specically magic abilities as something programmed into a Transhuman - human descendant is an old theme I wrote about before. First I though of quantum effects that would make it possible to allow for Telekinetic control, but that magic became difficult because it required energy that we could not metabolize. 

Blood magic where the premise is that mages were labs, and they could influence others through their magic would be better. With adequate preparation, someone can use Blood Magic to make someone stronger, faster, or even smarter - it just took time and shaping. And of course what happens when you force change in the body would be cancer. 

In a scifi setting, humans with built in biological labs would be very adaptable even if technology would collapse. As long as some survived to adapt, they would be able to apply the necessary changes needed to modify the entire species in that predicament.  

Biological computers designed to rebuild themselves - as their schematics are saved in genetic code is much easier than the Sophon in the Netflix Adaptation of the 3 body problem (photon sized supercomputer and AI ). propelling seeds near the speed of light and surviving the deceleration is not as complex. Creating terraforming biological infrastructure with such would be far simpler, and then linking all these worlds with Quantum Entanglement - would be order of magnitudes easier. Heck transfering memories and consciousness so far away would be easier- and rencoding them and then making the consciousness transfer seemless would be an easier near FTL way to teleport. 


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