Wednesday, April 10, 2024

Change of Direction - Progress and Updates

1000 frames out of around 2200 frames so far, left to render without an optimized RTX 3070 NVDIA didn't install properly. At night I'm using our AI research PCs for rendering Blender Animations of some of the ships.  This would crash my Ubuntu RX 550 PC and will make my RTX 980 Windows 10 PC unusable. 

It took 48 hours in an Ubuntu 22.04 NVIDIA RTX 3070 to render this. 

Changes and Plans

  • Budgeted Projects with the ability to break even after 25 units sold. Instead of trying to continuously update a book until its such superior quality like the mneme Space Combat. The book only made less than 400usd and I spent around 2,000usd making it. The material is awesome but according to a friend its too complex to use - so I will work on making 5-10usd books that will easier and hyper focused on making ready material for peoples games. 
    • The animated renders of the 300DT Habitat (60m diameter) will help sell the book and I hope to make video detailing what people are getting when they purchase our 10usd book. 
    • Editable Maps (PPT) made from the 3D model. Of different Ship variants 
      • 1-map of the Original as it is Found in MSC (mneme space combat) but made of a Blank Unfurnished version of the Ship with no Interior Walls. 
      • 1-map of a Variant - made of Blank + Tokens
      • of course the Blank map and Tokens are available when the Referee or World Builder want to remake the ship. We made it you can do it all with just PPT or Libre Office Impress or Google Slides. 
    • Renders of Ship Specifications - we will make a large booklet of renders of the ships. at least 10 pages but we hope we can make it that there is about 20 pages of renders. 
    • Tokens you have of different colored variants of the ships - so that the Referee can differentiate them. 
    • The Blender Model. 
    • and STL and 3mf File for the 25mm scale minaitures. 
  • Text and Content is me talking the science and operations of the Ship - how I would apply it with the context of Economics, Business Operations, 
    • MGT2e is what a friend Ian would call "The biggest gorrilla" so to ignore that I get requests for MGT2E conversions of my ships is not good business sense. 
    • Its not like I'm already burried in So many IT and Engineering projecs and personal projects and of course being a family guy - so now I have to take on Reviewing the Dynamic Drop down sheet I made for MGT2E's complexity problem.  I just have to execise some judgement on how much complexity I'm going to take on. 
    • HABITAT book is the next book and the current detail of the outline is the following: 
      • Book with 30 pages
        • CE STATS and operating details. 
        • MGT2E STATS (using my dynamic dropdown JS google sheet) to reduce the overhread and to make it easier to clean up. 
        • Sample Crew for CE/MGT2E stats. 
      • 1x Ship Layout that is BLANK with png assets inside a PPT (power point/google slides/impress file - so you can CUSTOMIZE YOUR SHIP EASILY!!!). I realized this would be the NEXT STEP. 
      • 1x Ship layout of ORIGINAL ship but with the PNG files used to populate the ship. 
      • 1x VARIANT Layout. to show how a variant can be done, and another template for Refrees and worldbuilders to tweak. 
      • Blender Model!!!
      • Attached wll be +10 renders/pictures for the people who do not have time or resources to render it themselves, that cannot be found in the book.  
  • We can render Schematics Blue prints now. Just need to invert it to white and on a blue background. 

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