Sunday, April 14, 2024

Update on the 3D Printable Files of the Ships and MGT2e LIFEPOD is 1.5DT

 Update on the CE Mneme RAIDER - Open source Creative Common Ships anyone can use and share without worrying about the IP. 
Thanks to Charles Jamer C. Pangindian for the creation! Charles is from the Industrial Design College of saint Benilde and chose to help out creating 3d printable versions of our ships for internship. 

Mgt2E TL9 1.5DT Lifepod 

Visualization in terms of how this looks like in terms of floor plan. Note that Mneme Ships grid on the ships are at 0.75m squares. In the Philippines, our passageway requirement for fire safety egress is 0.6m, so space is enough for people to pass through in a mad dash for the exits. 

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