Thursday, May 12, 2011

And the Point is...

Compartamentalize: Work, Personal and Play. Pay for what you need for work computing, and pay for what ever you like for personal and play.

For businesses, they don't have to buy for more than what they need. the chrome notebook keeps things simple and easy. and from the perspective of biz security for the Biz owner the chrome net books is great value for productivity.

One clear point to stress: IT IS ONLY FOR BUINSESS OWNERS. This is for a group of people, not for the individual. You own a business with 10+ employees and need documents, spreadsheets, (even outbound or inbound capability) and all those other work related tools and capital this is for you.

in reference to: Microsoft could lose billions in sales to Google's Chromebook | Companies News - Betanews (view on Google Sidewiki)

Monday, May 9, 2011

Open Source Awesomeness

Check out Open Source Ecology. We have a manufacturing plant and we are an emerging market that could use all these light industrial equipment.

I'll only be able to act on this next month. Thank Open Source that it has a Cost Breakdown.

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Comparison to Plow Animal

For Biometric performance of Horses check out the Smalls Arms Manual by the US Marines.

5 hours a day of heavy exertion (200lbs) and about 10% their body weight in fuels. This can only be sustained on a week, then after there is a deterioration performance.

Also work for these animals are seasonal. they cannot be fully utilized for many other projects a village might need.

If these animals are to graze, grazing takes a LOT of time. Grazing is a cheap way to feed this animals, but it requires a lot of space and time.

Plow Horses cannot be used in Wet Irrigation causing them to get sick. that is why despite their advantage in productivity, Water buffalo are preferred.

in reference to: LifeTrac - Open Source Ecology (view on Google Sidewiki)

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Early Motte and Bailey 10C

Early Motte and Bailey 10C
This uses GURPS 4E low tech companions 1 and 2. This is based on the Motte and Baily from Wikipedia.
  • Motte: 63ft high and 10,000 sqft Packed earthen Mound
    • $1,500,000 ($1,496,629) / 6,800 tons (6,859 tons)
  • Perimeter Wall for 40,000sqft is 710ft. (112.8ft radius) $702,300.
    • $17,800 ($17,791)/ 150tons; DR8. 706’ long (112.4’ radius), 20’ high and 8” thick outer wooden palisade ($1.26/21.36lbs)
    • $671,000 ($670,752); 1,500 tons (2,959,200lbs); DR72. 685’ long (109.4’ radius), 16’ high and 6’ wide packed earth ($61.2/270lbs) sandwiched between wooden palisades.
    • $13,500 ($13,426.56); 114tons (227,612.16lbs); DR8. 666ft long (665.6’ long; 106’ radius), 16’ high wooden pallisade 8” thick ($1.26/21.36lbs)
  • 40’ tall stone keep, 20’ lower levels, occupying 3600 sqft
    • 6 stories (4 above ground, 2 below ground inside the motte) $277,000
      • 60’ total wall height, 1’ thick walls, 60’ each wall, 4 walls. (17,288) x Imported Ashlar (200 miles away, or x2.3 cost importation cost modifier; Cheap Quality and Labor -0.4CF; $11.72 to $16.2) = $2,800,000.
        • The first floor has a ceiling of 12’. 6 wooden Floors/Ceilings above it the above have 8ft ceiling to floor height. total 40.8ft. 3600sqft x 16” of wood ($4.94/42.72lbs) = $18,000/ 77tons per floor ($17,784/153,782lbs). 6 floors = $107,000/460tons($106,704/922,692lbs)
        • 1 Stone 4” tile floor (4” ashlar $46.88/62lbs) x 3600sqft = $170,000/112tons ($168,768/223,200lbs).
  • 2x 40’ tall 15’x15’ Guard Towers ($14,400 each) = $28,800
    • Each tower is 40’ high but has 4 corners extending 10’ into the ground x 60’ wall (15’ x 4) x 16” of wood ($4.94/42.72lbs) = $12,000/ 51tons ($11,856/102,528lbs).
      • 4x Support pillars 10’ x 1sqft x 16”of wood ($4.94/42.72lbs) = $200/1800lbs ($197.6/1708.8lbs)
      • 4x 15x15 floors of 8” of wood ($2.47/21.38lbs) = $2,200/10 tons ($2,223/19,224).
  • Furnishings and Detailing#. $2.5M ($2,505,800). (includes iron gratings, gates, light wooden partitions, heating, sewage, storage, tools for administration and governance, small library, religious materials, etc.)
  • Total $5M. (for comparison, a Multimillionaire Lord has $8.4M Annual income).
  • Keep Area: 3600sqft x 7 floors = 25,200sqft keep;
  • Towers Area: 225sqft x 5 floors x 2 towers = 2,250sqft
  • Remaining Area (sans keep, towers, walls) 31,231sqft (from 40,000sqft)