Monday, April 29, 2024

NON-GRAVITIC MGT2E Ships - Core book ships.

 Downgrading the Hull to gravitic, the M-DRIVES to R-DRIVES of the same thrust, The power plant to TL8, Precalculating the delta-V, Updating the New Costs, etc... 

You will find it in the MNEME Combat Ships Spreadsheet. 

This is for the new Book that will need to be made prior to SPIN HABITATS. you cannot have a book about non-Gravitic Stations and Habitats if everyone is flying around with gravitics. You have to remove it all. 

If you are someone who enjoys our content then Modeling Fusion or Fission Salt Water Rockets and various Torch propulsion would be something you may enjoy. the imagery of Sky Hooks, Launch vehicles: from Rockets to Lift Body Craft with 2-stages would be something you may look forward to. Plus the detailed Operations of getting to Orbit. 

Note that Mneme World Generator gives the gravities which then allows me to create the Escape velocity calculations - as well as Low Orbit, High Orbit, and Possibly 5 Lagrange points since these all can be fed into a Spreadsheet. You need the escape velocities (High and Low Orbit) for the delta-v budgets needed to exit a gravity well. 

I will have to research how big we can build Skyhooks as part of the Rocket book. 

Its in this Paper Hypersonic Airplane Space Tether Orbital Launch System  

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