Wednesday, May 1, 2024


The temporary title of the books is rockets and non-gravitics.

As the title suggests, it's about rocket engines and their impact on your Traveller and Cepheus Engine game. The effort I allocate to convince anyone to migrate to Non-Gravitics (and increase the audience of the book) is going to like 5% 95% is making Non-Gravitics easy.

Like Mneme World Generator, I will make tools - spreadsheets and, if I get a student interested in the project given my budget, a static web page that uses Javascript (that generates a CSV of the ship stats that allows uploading and downloading that will serve as its persistent memory). 

So, I'm busy making a Mongoose Traveller 2E Ship Generator spreadsheet. If you bought Mneme Space Combat - you will notice CE SHIP Creation spreadsheet is acting as my "LIVE" lab where I'm making the MGT2E ship builder tools. This means the buyers of Mneme Space Combat will have access to it and the MGT2E ship builder (which uses a Google appscript).  

I will convert all the Ships in MGT2E into TL9 using the spreadsheet; the ships will have: Non-Gravitic Hulls, R-Drives, Heat shielding (if they are meant to Airbrake), and Delta-V Calculations. 

My differentiation - I talk to science and make sure people can follow by testing and simplifying what can be simplified. Pretty much my experience as someone who teaches students and makes tutorials online. 

Its a holiday right now in the Philippines, LABOR DAY.   Got Cloudflared to work - so that people who set up their ERP only need to spend 10usd/year so that its accessible in a public IP address. After exercise and my obligations - I get to do more work: Mneme Projects. 

HEAT shielding is just too expensive at 100,000cr per DTON. probably 1000Cr per DTON would be more reasonable.

A TL8 non-gravitic Far Trader needs 20M of heat shielding at 100,000Cr per DT.

This is from the perspective of using the Apolo budget and converting it to 2020 USD and assuming inflation will make 1,000usd = 1 Cr.

Saturn V is about a 600DT Launch Vehicle.

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