Sunday, May 12, 2024

Radius, Escape Velocity, and Basic Orbital Mechanics

 Because I had the foresight to make Mneme World Generator FIRST, it was much easier to create the basic material for R-Drives.

Those who bought Mneme World Generator will be able to access this sheet and the "Upgrades," where it will now produce the detailed Mass, Density, and Radius. There are many different ways to get the other values. 

I have only scant feedback for World Generator. Feel free to comment on how I can improve and detail it. When I get a writing assistant, I can detail it even more—not just a communications student—I might just get an Engineering student since they will be able to follow a lot of the concepts here.  

Anyway, Gas Worlds (gas Giants) follow the Density averages (they overlap with other types, a Type I and a Type II can have equal or Type I can have a higher density - its just works with a higher average the higher the Type) of the different types of Gas Worlds. So from density, we get Radius, and from the Radius, we can now get Gravity. 

We will cover some VERY BASIC orbital mechanics - and the referees will be able to do the math in their heads - as you can see - you will have the Low and High Orbit of every gravity well. Its just Burn to decelerate or accelerate, then burn to get back to our target orbit. Nicco will make art to make it easier to follow. 

I have to cover this first - I will also make it people have a spreadsheet that can encode the details and all these details will be filled up - even if you don't have Mneme World Generator but want to do models of the kinds of trips you would take. 

I discovered NASA has a 3d model of every Exo-planet in is the DENSEST found Gas world - which is puts it denser than earth at 14 tons/m^3. Earth is 5 tons/M^3 as the densest objects in Sol and Jupiter is just  1.3 tons/m^3.   its about 10x denser than Jupiter makes it particularly amazing. 

Some exo planets don't have Mass - so my sample data is not as good as it can be. 

Other than my open-source advocacy work, I am making hard-sci-fi more accessible so that some gamers can run scenarios like their favorite hard-sci-fi with some concessions. If people have to stop you from going over technical details and you have to be mindful of that, then you will probably appreciate the product and the ability to customize it. 

Been doing this since 2021... I guess a significant gain would be by 2031. Especially when I can afford writing assistants to help and when I can hire someone who can make static websites for World Generator and Ship Designer (will use Mneme). 

Mongoose Traveller requests - I have to give away any MGT2e conversions because of the licensing in MGT2e. remember its not Open Gaming License - if anything will be made it will be through Mongoose Publishing (who do a great job BTW, I just want something different and that's a niche that will not affect them). 

Those new to Mneme World Generator

it tries its best to be true to the science and core concepts. It begins with the Star Generation, and the star determines how much mass is orbiting it. Of course there is an upper limit as a more massive star will eat up all the objects around it and only disks will surround it. But from the mass - the odds of dwarf worlds, terrestrial worlds (like Earth, Venus, mercury, and Mars), and Gas and Ice Giants. Now, Gas giants are particular - as on rare occasions, protuberances of passing galaxies can destabilize their orbit that will, resulting in it sliding towards the inner system - and consuming the other planets - hence the much rarer types like III, IV, and V gas worlds. 

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