Sunday, May 19, 2024

Back to Basics - BroCode and GPT4o

 What's hard about learning is the time to practice and use it and to use it regularly. My regular job doesn't let me remember my other skills - I'm a former artist, and life and work don't let me practice. The BroCode is one of the best tutorials - straight to the point and very fast. combined with AI its possible to learn this quickly... but still not enough with the free time I have during the week. 

One of the design decisions is that all the rolls will be visible, so it's easy to follow the book and easy to troubleshoot if outcomes are not correctly produced.  

Another design decision is using a static web app is that it will run on your phone, tablet, and desktop. The problem is storage - it cannot store the worlds you produced since browsers can only hold things temporarily. It's possible to export it as a CSV but not import that CSV - I'm still researching a workaround - where it can probably export the HTML. What's important is that world builders can copy and paste the tables easily into their documents or wiki. 


Adding more complexity, adding more and more columns. 
Imagine this massive spreadsheet is going to be made to fit a static web app. 

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